Maui Time

MauiTime endorses Terez Amato for state senator, Dist. 6 (South and West Maui) in 2018 Primary Election

In 2016, Roz Baker received Honolulu Civil Beat’s unflattering distinction of being listed as one of the top 10 candidates who received the most contributions from lobbyists. We have concerns about Baker’s time in office and links between her legislation and financial support she has received from Alexander & Baldwin and the agrochemical seed industry.

While the historic chlorpyrifos ban passed this year, it was stripped of a number of provisions that would have required notification of spraying (not just disclosure) and buffer zones for sensitive areas in addition to schools. These amendments which weakened the bill, like other attempts at GMO labeling and regulation, can be traced to Baker’s Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health. Further, in 2016, Roz voted yes on a bill to permit A&B to continue to divert water from East Maui streams.

For these reasons, we think it is time to endorse someone new for this office like Terez Amato. Amato has long advocated for transparency and accountability in politics, opposing backroom decision-making and corporate lobbying influence. She is consistent in her message to prioritize health, environment, and true representation at the legislature – priorities we share.

Early voting is available until August 9. Primary Election Day will be on August 11 from 7am to 6pm. Visit to learn more.