Maui Time

MauiTime endorses Kim Coco Iwamoto for lieutenant governor in 2018 Primary Election

As far as we can tell, the office of the Lieutenant Governor is largely symbolic and what the individual in office makes of it. Kim Coco Iwamoto is running on a platform of social justice that is greatly needed at a time when the culture of the federal government marginalizes minority groups. Iwamoto has demonstrated that she prioritizes applying progressive solutions to the causes of living wages, affordable housing, education, and the environment. Significantly, she is willing to say definitively that “one job should be enough” and that pre-K through graduate school education should be publicly funded.

We have reservations about the long political careers and establishment backgrounds of both frontrunning Democratic governor candidates, and we believe that Kim Coco will be the best balance as Lt. Governor to ensure that bold progressive ideals and social justice remain in the conversation and are extended to the public as solutions worth fighting for.

Early voting is available until August 9. Primary Election Day will be on August 11 from 7am to 6pm. Visit to learn more.