Maui Time

MauiTime endorses Kauanoe Batangan for state representative, Dist. 9 (Kahului, Pu‘unene, Old Sand Hills, Maui Lani) in 2018 Primary Election

Between Batangan and Justin Woodson (who did not respond to requests for an interview), we endorse Batangan. Kauanoe is a thoughtful and experienced candidate with ties to the community that we hope will make him an effective representative for District 9. Woodson is an appointee who has not done enough to show conviction in a vision (aside from taking a stand to oppose same-sex marriage back in 2013), despite years of being in the legislature. We would like to see more effective representation and legislation, and think a vote for Batangan moves Maui in this direction.

Early voting is available until August 9. Primary Election Day will be on August 11 from 7am to 6pm. Visit to learn more.