Maui Time

MauiTime endorses Andria Tupola for governor (Republican) in 2018 Primary Election

If, for some reason, you are still voting Republican after all that has transpired since the 2016 election, we’ll give you our two cents: Tupola is a better option than John Carroll. While her use of “housing creator” right-wing rhetoric to protect wealthy mainland interests are enough to steer us away from the Republican ballot, we think she would do better work for the community than John Carroll. Carroll’s ideas in a recent Civil Beat interview would cause a $3.24 billion loss in revenue which he declines to explain. We need less of this kind of magical thinking in government. Tupola, at least, has a strong record of service that she has done in recent years as a state rep. She affirms that she would go against the party and that her identification as a Republican is about less government and greater community autonomy, which we can understand, at least in theory.

Early voting is available until August 9. Primary Election Day will be on August 11 from 7am to 6pm. Visit to learn more.