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Help control Maui’s Liquor Control

Attention all drinkers, drink vendors, dancers, bar goers, bar owners, merkin (look it up) wearers and fans of government accountability: An open forum will be held on Tuesday, Jun. 26 as part of a performance audit of the County of Maui Department of Liquor Control. Liquor licensees and interested members of the public are invited to attend and provide comments on the efficiency, effectiveness and fairness of Department of Liquor Control operations.

The forum will be facilitated by outside consultants to the Maui County Council and take place at the Kihei Community Center on Lipoa St, from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Those who are unable to attend are encouraged to submit comments to

Readers of MauiTime will know that we have a reputation of holding Maui’s Liquor Control accountable for reasons former MauiTime editor Anthony Pignataro summarized thus: “Put simply, the LC has a vested interest in both granting as many liquor licenses as possible (there are more than 400 now county-wide) and then hammering those same licensees with license violations. It gives the actions of the department – and its Taser-wielding investigators – a mercenary air.”

See, LC has fined establishments for reasons many would consider unrelated to their mission, such as dancing, smoking, aisle congestion and refilling glasses while empty ones remain on the table. More violations, more money to fund their over $3 million budget. As Anthony said, “Just go home, LC. You’re drunk with power and you’re stinking up the county.” Show up on Tuesday and escort this staggering mess out the door.

Photo: Scott-Feldstein-wikimedia-commons