Maui Time

The Threat of Nuclear War at Okinawa Cultural Center in Wailuku

“The Threat of Nuclear War – And What We Can Do To Prevent It” will be at Okinawa Cultural Center in Wailuku on Sunday, August 5th. Bill Durston, M.D., is a an activist for the prevention of nuclear warfare and gun violence. He’ll be the keynote speaker and will present a talk during Maui’s commemoration of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There’ll also be tea and refreshments, origami paper crane making, and live performances with Maui Taiko, koto musicians Mika Inaba and Koko Wolbe, and a choir of Marshall Islanders. Free. 5:00pm. Maui Okinawa Cultural Center, (688 Nukuwai Pl., Wailuku); 808-242-1560;

photo courtesy of Flickr/CTBTO