Maui Time

Hana Gas to shut down for 10 days, starting Tuesday, May 15

Just got this notice from County of Maui Communications Director Rod Antone:

“Our police and fire personnel in Hana has informed the Mayor’s Office that Hana’s only gas station will be changing out their fuel pumps starting tomorrow and ending on May 25th,” Antone said in an email. “A fuel truck from Maui Oil will be there to supply patrons with fuel, diesel and gas during the 10 days the pumps will be down, but only from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – four hours.”

Got that? The Hana gas station’s pumps will be shut down starting tomorrow for 10 days, and there will only be a few hours each day when you can get gas from a truck. So if you go out there, be smart!

Do you want to get stranded out there? Do you want to miss having to go to work? Getting to sit in traffic? Reading the latest insanity in the news?

Okay, bad examples. Still, if you’re planning on heading out to Hana, it wouldn’t hurt to plan ahead.

Photo: National Archives/Wikimedia Commons