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Jump into Ultimate Air Maui Trampoline Park

Growing up on Maui, things that are normal amusements in everytown America – bowling alleys, amusement parks, laser tag – become rare and grand entertainment, hence the popularity of the Maui County Fair. After this epically rainy spring, everyone is feeling a little stir crazy. Those two elements combined have made the new Ultimate Air Trampoline Park in Maui Lani a popular attraction. Since the park opened in February, the place has been, well, jumping.

There’s something about jumping on a trampoline that is almost universally appealing. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to just bounce, it’s exercise and it’s fun. Now Maui’s kids (and adults) have a way of jumping indoors. The park is housed in a giant warehouse in the new industrial area of Maui Lani, behind Mako’s Mart and Ace Hardware. With the breeze coming in through the huge rolling doors, the front of the warehouse is full of tables, couches, and, cleverly, massage chairs facing TVs, presumably for parents who need a break from all the fun. When we dropped by, there were a few birthday parties in the works and the trampolines were packed.

The park is divided into a couple of spaces. On one end, several stretches of trampolines provide a launching pad into a giant foam pit. Basketball hoops over pads give jumpers the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of dunking like LeBron. On that end of the pit, the trampolines “have more power,” according to Jada, the sweet girl at the front desk. “They’re more bouncy. They’re the ones everyone does tricks on.” 

In the flats, there are various sizes and shapes of trampolines, with rows of ramp-like curved trampolines along the back wall for throwing yourself into or doing tricks. The far side of the park is devoted to combat sports. An area for pick-up dodgeball games is netted-in, and a balance beam above another foam pit is equipped with American Gladiator-style battle sticks for knocking opponents around and off into the pit. There’s also a lowered hoop for the little ones. 

The park, while obviously geared toward and teeming with children, will soon have something to offer for adults besides a great place for parents to sit in a massage chair while their children tire themselves out. I asked if they had adult nights. “Not yet,” said Hoku, the manager on duty. But they’re in the works. We were tempted to go jumping when we dropped by, and there aren’t any age or size limits, but it felt a little like trying to go down the slide at Keokea Park. There were a few parents and older teens jumping, but it was mostly small children who’d launch easily in our wake… An all-adults night would be perfect.

That isn’t to say that it’s a free-for-all. The park is closely monitored by employees, who separate jumpers by size in the dodgeball area and enforce rules throughout the park. The padded walkway along the front of the trampolines seemed to be a hangout spot for parents.

“We also have a workout class,” said Jada, which seems like a great idea.

The park requires that you buy and wear their $2 socks that have grip on the pads, which can be kept and brought back for next time.  Rates start at $17/hour for kama’aina and $22/hour for non residents. They have strap-on soft boards for those who want to practice their skate and snowboard jumps. A waiver that can be filled out online is required for all jumpers, and reservations may be made beforehand since the place can get crowded. “We have a lot of regulars,” said Jada.


21 La‘a Street, Wailuku

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Photo: Facebook/Ultimate Air Trampoline Park

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