Maui Brewing Company’s Chef Shawn Samaniego’s Braised Maui Cattle Brisket @MauiBrewingCo

Maui Brewing Company, Chef Shawn Samaniego, Photo by Shawn Hower

Photo by Sean Michael Hower


Maui Brewing Co.



My must-have ingredient would probably be the local beef from Maui Cattle Co. We use Maui Cattle Co. for our burgers, brisket, sliders and beef stew. It’s a locally grass fed beef and it’s leaner than grain fed and has a little more earthy taste. We have a new menu launching in about two weeks. Some of the highlights will include my favorite, the Black Rock Lager braised brisket. The Pineapple Tofu Curry will be another new item on our menu, created by Sous Chef James Furnish. This is a great dish because it’s vegetarian but you can add chicken or shrimp to it.



Sanitation is critical. Make sure to change your sanitizer bucket water every four hours and use clean towels every time you change the water.



Black Rock Braised Maui Cattle Brisket

Line the bottom of a 4″ hotel pan with onions and celery.

Rub brisket with lawry’s seasoned salt , kosher salt,black pepper and granulated garlic,equal parts, i mix all these together and it takes about a cup for each brisket

Place in hotel pan and add 4 qt. of Black Rock Lager,add 4 pc. bay leaf and 1/4 c. rosemary

Cover pan with plastic wrap and foil and cook @ 275 degrees for 7 1/2 hours.

Remove plastic and foil , remove brisket from pan and strain liquid.Add 1 can of beef broth to strained liquid and simmer for about 10 min. (this is the Au Jus for the brisket dip)

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