The 13 Scariest People On Maui


  Why go to horror movies with serial killers and demons when you’ve got plenty of frightening characters right here on Maui? Here’s a baker’s dozen of scary public officials, criminals and cops who will haunt you long after Halloween ends… 13. MELE CARROLL Democrat Mele Carroll, who has represented East Maui, Lanai and Molokai […]

Wailuku Main Street Association Board Chairman Tom Cannon Puts Thumbs In Ears And Wags Fingers When Maui County Officials Ask For More Documents


Just when you thought that giant heap of hurt the Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA) went and leaped into couldn’t get any bigger (and that heap already includes a subpoena from the State Attorney General’s office and a Dec. 5 court date), we’ve obtained a couple letters from October showing the county’s most controversial nonprofit […]

Wailuku Main Street Association ‘Unilaterally Cancels’ Lease On Former Wailuku Office

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It’s hard to convey exactly how dire it is over at the Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA). Let’s start with the fact that the County of Maui is holding their most recent $243,000 grant hostage. That means the WMSA has no money coming in, which would doom any nonprofit out there. But when you add […]

Maui News Reporter Ilima Loomis Trades Paper For Spirituality And Health

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I’d just like to say that my job just got a whole lot easier. On Friday, Apr. 13, Maui News Reporter Ilima Loomis (who I consider a  friend) announced that she’s exiting the paper. “I will be leaving The Maui News on April 24 to take a position as managing editor of Spirituality & Health […]

Wailuku Main Street Association Chairman Ridicules Maui News Reporter Ilima Loomis


Hey, I would to if she spent the last year kicking my non-profit association’s ass all over the island with a series of stories detailing the County of Maui’s increasingly pointed and critical attempts to find out what, exactly, the 25-year-old Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA) does with the grant monies it gets (which provide […]