New UH study shows how rising sea levels will erode most Hawaii beaches


I know, there’s a public relations rule that bad news typically drops on Fridays, but scientists rarely adhere to such traditions. Which is why the University of Hawaii sent me yet another alarming news release today on how global sea level rise will cause even more damage to our shorelines than previously estimated. “For the […]

To save Kahoolawe, the Hawaii state Legislature is considering ending the island’s prohibition against commercial activities

The Hawaii statutes governing the island of Kaho‘olawe are very clear: “Commercial activity is prohibited in the reserve.” That’s it–no stipulations, conditions, sub-paragraphs. Just a clear, total ban on any and all commercial activities anywhere near Kaho‘olawe. And for many activists, residents and officials who care about the island that spent 50 years shuddering under […]

County of Maui commissions broadband study on our crappy Internet speeds

Acknowledging that Maui County residents are dealing with substandard internet browsing speeds, the County of Maui has hired Joel Ogren of the U.S. Navy-sponsored Applied Research Laboratory at the University of Hawaii to “evaluate, develop and recommend a preliminary telecommunications strategy for Maui County,” according to a Feb. 2 county news release. “We see broadband access […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know proposed Kaanapali activities?

1. According to a Jan. 8 University of Hawaii press release, the school’s Board of Regents recently agreed to form a “task group” to study something quite important. What will the task group research? A. The possibility of paying its student-athletes. B. Ending the practice of taking money for defense-related research. C. Divesting itself from […]

Quizunderstood: How much do you know about needless nene deaths?

1. On Dec. 4, the University of Hawaii announced that Kalbert Young would be their new Vice President for Budget and Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Ten years ago, Young held a similar job for which Maui organization? A. Maui Community College B. Maui Memorial Medical Center C. Maui Economic Development Board D. Maui Economic […]

UH Researchers Study Tiger Shark Movements Around Maui and Oahu

Despite the minuscule numbers of people killed every year by sharks (and massive numbers of sharks killed by humans each year), there’s something about the creatures that terrifies many visitors to Hawaii. For Hawaii’s native kanaka maoli, this is unfortunate, given that to them sharks are ‘aumakua, the reborn spirits of deceased ancestors who serve now as […]

The Initiative: Trying to understand Maui County’s GMO Ballot Measure


In the Haiku autumn dusk, a circle of farmers hand in hand stands to give thanks for the earth, food and the breath of life. In the sacred scene before a potluck of hand-grown and handmade foods, there are many hands, 120 heads, and waiting plates. At this September meeting of Maui Farmers United (a […]

New UH Research Links Land-Based Pollution To Turtle Tumors

tumor turtle web

It’s not like a major revelation for environmentalists, but wastewater and agricultural pesticide residue that runoff into the ocean are indeed damaging near-shore coral reefs and infecting green sea turtles with chronic and sometimes lethal tumors, a new study from the University of Hawaii researchers just published in the journal PeerJ shows. “For years, local ocean […]

QuizUnderstood: Four Maui PD Officers Did WHAT At The Lahaina Station?


1. On Sept. 5, the University of Hawaii sent out a news release saying that grad student Mohuhano “Mo” Tu‘ikolongahau had just won the 2014 Hawaii Woodshow’s Spirit of the Show Award for “the most creative use of underutilized Hawaii-grown non-native wood species.” What did Tu‘ikolongahau make that won him the award? A. Table B. […]

Nooo! Climate Change Might Ruin Future Hawaiian Vacations!


Every few months, it seems, some University of Hawaii scientist puts out a new report giving us more bad news about climate change. In October 2012, four UH researchers published a report saying the trade winds that make life so pleasant–and possible–in Hawaii are steadily decreasing. Four months later, UH researchers published a study showing […]