BREAKING: Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Issues Tsunami Advisory For Hawaii Following Chilean 8.2 Quake


At 5:46pm the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami advisory for Hawaii, following a massive 8.2 earthquake earlier today off the coast of Chile. Here’s the meat of the Advisory: BASED ON ALL AVAILABLE DATA A MAJOR TSUNAMI IS NOT EXPECTED TO STRIKE THE STATE OF HAWAII. HOWEVER… SEA LEVEL CHANGES AND STRONG CURRENTS MAY OCCUR […]

UPDATED: Massive Chilean Quake May Pose Tsunami Risk To Hawaii


UPDATE, 3:40pm HST: The Maui News is reporting that disaster officials are still evaluating the tsunami threat to Hawaii and hope to announce their report by 5pm. PREVIOUS STORY: At 1:47pm Hawaii time, an 8.2 earthquake struck Chile, about 62 miles off the coast of Iquique, according to the most recent Pacific Tsunami Warning Center report […]

The Tsunami That Was Not And Wailuku Main Street Association Unilaterally Cancels Its Own Lease

ANOTHER DOOMSDAY FAKEOUT As I write these words, the East Coast is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy–one of the largest storms ever recorded in the North Atlantic. There was severe flooding in New York and Atlantic City. The storm’s total death toll in the Caribbean and U.S. is nearly 100, and it’s still affecting an […]

While Hurricane Sandy Batters East Coast, We Take Stock Of Another Hawaii Tsunami Doomsday Fakeout


As I write these words, Hurricane Sandy–one of the largest storms ever recorded in the North Atlantic–has begun to batter the east coast of the U.S. Atlantic City is flooded and Manhattan is essentially closed for business. The storm’s death toll in the Caribbean is 66, and it’s currently affecting an estimated 50 million people […]

Maui Tsunami 2011: Numbers, Pictures & Stories


March 10 started—and nearly ended—like any other day in Hawaii. It was already dark and many had gone home for the evening when the word came in: a massive earthquake had rocked the ocean floor off the coast of Japan and sent a tsunami cascading across the country’s northeastern region. And, officials cautioned, the rest of […]