New website lets you track Hawaii’s progress on sustainability goals


Hawaii residents who want to track how the state is accomplishing myriad goals in energy and resource sustainability now have a new online tool. Called the Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard, the website shows in clear, unambiguous numbers how the state is progressing on more than a dozen sustainability targets. “The Aloha+ Challenge is a statewide leadership […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know the @MauiArtsCulture Center?

1. On Mar. 19, the state House of Representatives press office announced that the state budget, which had just passed the House, contained “about $165 million in Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funding for various projects across Maui County.” Of those, the largest single item was a $38 million project. What’s it for? A. Construction of […]

What’s being done about state and county government employee parking in Wailuku Town?

We’ve received a couple letters to the editor from residents lately in response on our recent coverage of the Wailuku Town parking enforcement and proposed parking meters. The writers asked us what was up with state and county government seeing to their own employees’ parking needs–especially considering that commercial businesses in Wailuku Town are under […]

Of The 4 Men Running For Hawaii Governor, Just Aiona & Ige Have Traction


Large business associations like the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce rarely write good comedy, but earlier this month, when the organization promoted its upcoming Sept. 23 Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, it did exactly that. “Save the date!” the organization tweeted on Sept. 2. “Hear from all 3 leading candidates on initiatives to shape HI’s biz climate.” The “3 leading […]

This Monday, Sept. 22: HPR Hosts Live Hawaii Governor Candidates Forum


Does the four-way race to be the next Hawaii Governor have you flummoxed? Are you having trouble placing Democratic candidate David Ige? Or understanding why Independent candidate Mufi Hannemann and Republican James “Duke” Aiona are running again? Or remembering the name of Libertarian candidate Jeff Davis? Well, now you have some help. This Monday night, Hawaii Public Radio will […]

This Saturday, Sept. 13: Democratic Candidates David Ige, Shan Tsutsui Will Appear At Grand Opening Of Their New Maui HQ


If you have no idea how the four-way Hawaii Governor’s race is going to shake out, join the crowd. Republican James “Duke” Aiona has run before and lost badly, Democrat David Ige may have smashed incumbent Neil Abercrombie but he’s largely unknown to most voters, Independent Mufi Hannemann is probably too well known to the […]

Coast Guard Helps Relocate Endangered Laysan Ducks From Midway To Kure Atoll


Yesterday I wrote about how the U.S. Coast Guard–with the help of the Navy–had done something bad in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (specifically, bury a bunch of PCB and lead-filled junk in the sand at Tern Island during and after World War II). Today, I’m going to describe something good the Coast Guard did in the […]

On Keoua Kuahu’ula, Neil Abercrombie And The Art Of Going Out With Honor


So this weekend I got a chance to spend a few days relaxing over on the Big Island. And me being the history nerd that I am, I insisted on visiting the imposing and extremely well preserved Pu‘ukohola Heiau, site of perhaps the second most important death in Hawaii in the last couple of centuries […]

Why Gov. Neil Abercrombie Lost & Other Things We Learned From The Hawaii Primary Election


There were about a dozen people in the room when it happened. They were seated around tables, watching two televisions. Patriotic bunting and white signs bearing the name “Abercrombie” hung around the windows that faced Main Street in Wailuku. There was a stack of pizzas off to the side, as well as a few cakes, […]

SNAP Recipients Can Get Reimbursements For Food Lost During Hurricane Iselle


It looks like most, if not all, Maui County residents who lost power during Hurricane Iselle have gotten back online, though thousands of people across the state remain in the dark (and heat) even now. We forget sometimes that losing power in the tropics causes more trouble than simply forcing us to cope with high […]

Hawaii To Get Tiny Share Of Tiny Pfizer Prescription Drug Settlement


So the state Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) recently announced that Hawaii–along with 41 other states–really put the screws to drug maker Pfizer and managed to squeeze a $35 million settlement out of the company over its immunosuppressive drug Rapamune. The states’ complaints were that Pfizer had misrepresented the uses and benefits of Rapamune, which […]

MANA Magazine Dropping Print, Going All Digital


These are tough times for newspapers and magazines. Print circulation is declining, readers are increasingly going to the Internet–specifically social media sites and mobile apps–for news and the whole advertising business model that has sustained journalism for decades is breaking down. “And with ads declining at a steep rate, newspapers (and magazines) are trying to […]

An Early Look At Hawaii Primary Election 1st Printout


Maui County polls closed at 6pm or so in the Hawaii Primary Election, but the treasured 1st Printout–representing a little over 104,000 votes, didn’t get released until shortly before 7pm. Here are some early looks at a few key races. By now, most everyone in the state knows that incumbent Governor Neil Abercrombie is careening […]

Today: Hawaii Primary Election


The polls are open across Maui County and won’t close until 6pm tonight. Just two polling places are closed on the Big Island due to Hurricane Iselle. Given the relative calm weather out there, we should have our normally poor turnout, rather than the abysmal numbers political analysts were forecasting. You’d think that since Hawaii votes […]

Amazed That Two Hurricanes Are Threatening Hawaii This Week? Get Used To It.


There have been many stories about Hurricanes Iselle and Julio coming to Hawaii this week, and virtually all of them mention how rare and unusual it is to have even one large named storm threaten the state (the last one that actually caused substantial damage was Hurricane Iniki, which hit Kauai in 1992–as a Category 4 […]

2014 Hawaii Primary Election Endorsements


For us political junkies, the late summer of an even-numbered year is a magical time. Our airwaves, email and inboxes get jammed with misleading, often shameless propaganda. Battalions of volunteers line roadsides to wave colorful but still bland signs at passing motorists. And, for the true believers, forums pop up at community centers around the […]