It’s the 4th of July, let’s play with fire


Independence Day Weekend – Makawao and Lahaina The 4th of July is about celebrating that we live in a country where we are free to do as we please. Say what you will, but compared to the rest of the world, we’ve really got the freedom thing going on here. Let’s exploit it, take advantage […]

I’m in Maui, Bitch!


LMFAO, DJ Lucky Lou Opens. 7:30 PM, Castle Theatre at the MACC, Friday, July 2cnd. $32 advance, $35 at the door Maui stole something. The hottest electro-hip-hop band of the moment skipped out on the Black Eyed Peas tour for the weekend to rage with the Hawaiians. In pure LMFAO style, they dropped in on […]

Kapalua Wine Festival

KW&FF Cabertnet Vertical Tasting

Oh, “class,” whatever happened to you? Don’t get me wrong, Heinekens and a rusty barbecue are the building blocks for many phenomenal evenings, but sometimes a little dose of those mysterious concepts – class, style, and luxury – can work wonders. This weekend is going to be chock full of so much class that when […]

Male Bonding

KeokiKahumoku Saturday (June 19), 7:30pm, Castle Theater, MACC, $25 In this day-and-age “Family Time” is a mystical, mildly horrifying concept that tends to decrease drastically in time and effort around the time Girl and Boyscouts stop being cool. However, it’s a well-kept secret that even in this day-in-age parents sit down with their teenagers for […]

That’s Amore…


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thats amore… And if the Benoits strike a chord with you, it’s probably because your inner romantic is beckoning in the summer and all of its enticing possibilities. These quiet jazz melodies lovingly crafted by this self-proclaimed gypsy couple lift spirits and suggest that […]

Tower of Power


Technically, “Tower of Power” is a boy band, with a testosterone-injected name backing their brand of urban soul music. Peppered with delicious blues rhythms, their albums showcase the richness of a well–developed, diversely talented group of musicians. Since their 1968 start in Oakland, California, Tower of Power has been…

Mana Maoli Collective at Casanova’s


Na Lei Na’auao, an alliance of 12 Hawaiian culture, community and environment-based charter schools is supported by something quite a bit better than a side-of-the-road car wash. They have the powerful, talented Mana Maoli Collective behind them. Mana Maoli means “divine or miraculous power” and “native, indigenous, and true.” The name suits the group of […]

Lee Ritenour at the MACC


Friday (May 28), Castle Theater, MACC, 7:30pm, $35/$45/$75 Do you smoke cigars, lounge on $30,000 pianos, or slink around dark corners like the Pink Panther? OK, new question: Would you like to? Well, the logistics for that sort of thing are still left up to you, but Grammy winner Lee Ritenour will certainly put you […]

Wings Hawaii Celebrate another Year


I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many gorgeous people and places on Maui, and think we should have fun with our clothes and styles in such a way that continues to beautify the scenery. Wings, founded by three UH grads, is a local clothing company that designs clothing for the young women of […]

Jim Gaffigan


Jim Gaffigan is the Girl-Next-Door of men. He’s actually much more interesting than an average person, but still gives off a vibe that signals that it would be O.K. to approach him in the dairy isle of the PigglyWiggly and strike up a conversation. In case you decide to do just that while he’s wandering […]

Seabury Hall Craft Fair


Sweet. Sugary. Sticky. Spring. Seabury Hall’s Annual Craft Fair is nestled into the coziest spot of the year; it’s that time of year where teachers are assigning movies and coloring activities to 17-yr old’s because the sunny days are too enticing even for this college prep school. One of my favorite spots at this springtime […]

Spare Time for Spade?


David Spade always plays unlikable, snooty characters, yet, inexplicably, seems as if in real life he would be a pleasant person. If you’ve ever taken a sick day, you know that he’s the squirrely little blond man who spends the morning cheerfully torturing his co-workers in “Just Shoot Me,” then also pops up during an hour […]

Godspell Opens this Weekend


The most impressive dramatic role of all time? “Yeah, I’m playing the omnipotent voice of God…” Godspell is  a production that will rouse even the sleepiest attendees, boasting lots of room for creativity and improvisation, accompanied by a slew of rock music. This play is all about the vivacious actors, making big sounds and movements […]

Your Tutu and Zumba Madness


The Art of Trash 2010


I saw a listing for a sculpture class and cheerfully signed up when I pictured the kinds of vases and bowl that I’d made at the Hui as a child.  Soon I discovered that it was a contemporary sculpture class, and that my friend and I were supposed to make ‘art’ out of immense pieces […]

Night Owls


If being an MC was like going to school, Pato Banton would have a masters degree. Or at least that’s the way he puts it in his song “Don’t Sniff Coke.” This reggae artist sure doesn’t need any coke to keep him up and running at all hours of the night. Pato, the name given […]