Local Student Wins Justice Commission Essay Contest


In late October, six high school students–including Maui High School junior Christopher Kim–were awarded $500 each for their entries in an essay contest on “Meaningful Volunteering and What It Means to Me.” The contest was part of the 2013 Pro Bono Celebration and was sponsored by the Hawaii Access to Justice Commission and the Hawaii […]

Epic Campaign Fail and Chinese Chicken and Mayonnaise Enemas


HOME SWEET HOME “With its neatly cut lawns and luscious tropical vegetation,” wrote a BBC News reporter in July, Miracle Village, Fla., is an “idyllic rural community” of 200 residents–about half of whom are registered sex offenders, attracted to the settlement near Lake Okeechobee because laws and ordinances elsewhere in Florida harshly restrict where they […]

US Senator Brian Schatz Needs Interns


U.S. Senator Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, and his office are launching a new internship program for high school seniors for the 2013-14 school year. In this first year of the program, they are looking for 15 interns who have a GPA of 2.0 or higher and have access to email throughout the course of the internship. […]

Old Maui High School Painting Unveiled

Old Maui High School plans to commemorate its 100th birthday at the Hamakuapoko campus with a Centennial Celebration Sept. 13-15, at which a newly-discovered painting of the old campus’ historic auditorium will be the highlighted keepsake. Discovered by Jeff Reiss at a yard sale, the watercolor of Old Maui High School’s auditorium/gym–fondly referred to as […]

Bailey House Museum Calls For Interns

The Bailey House Museum in Wailuku is offering a paid work study program for high school students. Known as the Alexa Kahui HC&S High School Internship, it calls for interns to work in various museum departments including the gift shop, grounds, office or on special projects. The internship requires 18 hours of work per week […]

10 Things To Do At The Haiku Hoolaulea and Flower Festival

1. Bring your own water bottle. The event is going green this year. The Haiku Elementary School’s fifth graders will man food waste collection bins, so cheer them on as they schlep the food waste at the top of the hour every hour to the Mala O Haiku School garden, where they will bury it […]

Global Technology High School Students Work On Vintage Erector Sets For Kamaaina Loan

It’s 10am on the Global Technology High School campus in Wailuku and sophomores Eli Sokolow and Anthony Romero are connecting metal girders to a motor. It’s part of their project to get an Erector Set model of a parachute drop working in time for First Friday Wailuku. In fact, all the students are working together […]

Cultural Diversity and Religious Shoes and Really Dumb School Officials

CULTURAL DIVERSITY The U.S. Congress may suffer dismal popularity ratings (less savory than head lice, according to one survey), but it’s saintly compared to India’s legislatures, which contain six accused rapists at the state level and two in the national parliament. Thirty-six local officials, as well, have been charged with sexual assault (according to India’s […]

Students Win Maui Mall Family Sundays

Earlier this year, the Maui Mall established “Family Sundays” to celebrate the joy of learning and encourage students to succeed in school. Each month since April, a few exemplary students of Maui County who were nominated by their teachers were recognized on stage for their achievements and entered into a drawing for an iPad or […]

2012 Nonprofit Charity Gift Guide

And here we are at another holiday season on Maui. Radio stations start playing Jawaiian versions of old Christmas standards, the beaches started filling up with evermore tourists and store owners start lining their shelves with Santa in beach shorts trinkets. Oh, and the island’s nonprofit organizations–which increasingly have to take up the slack left […]