Quizunderstood: How well do you know new butterflies in Hawaii?


1. University of Hawaii researchers recently discovered a new butterfly in Hawaii–the Sleepy Orange. First identified on Oahu in late 2013, the Sleepy Orange is now found all over Maui, according to a Sept. 24 UH news release. According to that news release, when is the last time researchers discovered a new butterfly species in […]

State Water Commission to vote on Jeffrey Pearson appt. this Wednesday

Jeff Pearson-state-water-commission-courtesy-state-of-hawaii

Jeffrey Pearson, an engineer and water official with the County of Maui, got a big boost to his resume last week when Governor David Ige announced that he’d soon take over as deputy to the chairperson of the state Commission on Water Resource Management as well as chief executive officer to the Commission. “Jeff Pearson […]

All Hail Hawaii’s New Environmental Court!


A person may drive past the beach and encounter a truly awful odor–aerosol sunscreen. This writer has been angry at the inventor of the product for a long time and now there may be a way to end it. For the air, the reefs and Hawaii, there’s a little hope. On July 1, Hawaii will […]

UPDATED: U.S. Supreme Court rules that Constitution protects same-sex marriage


Same-sex marriage is legal everywhere in the U.S., now and forever. That’s according to the U.S. Supreme Court, which handed down its historic 5-4 ruling this morning in the case Obergefell v. Hodges. U.S. Senator Brian Schatz, D–Hawaii, was pleased, to say the least, in this statement emailed out by his press office early this morning: […]

State to spend even more money on Kahului Airport restrooms


And now to a new update on an old a favorite topic of discussion around here: the restrooms at Kahului Airport. Now to be fair, it’s not that the airport restrooms are bad. Ok, not that they’re any more or less bad than other airport restrooms. They’re certainly not Ritz-Carlton luxurious, but they don’t resemble […]

Maui Police Department releases 2014 accounting of police misconduct

So last week my email inbox at work brightened with a surprising message from the Maui Police Department. They sent me–and the rest of Maui’s media–a copy of their 2014 accounting of official police misconduct. The report, addressed to the Legislative Reference Bureau, is a summary of “all incidents and violations of Department Policies and Procedures […]

Maui Rep. Mele Carroll Resigning From State House Because Of Health

State Representative Mele Carroll, a Democrat whose district includes Haiku, Paia, Hana, Kahoolawe, Molokai and Lanai, is resigning from the state House of Representatives because of her health. A Jan. 20 news release from the state House of Representatives communications office offered a few details: “After consulting with doctors, contemplating her situation, and confirming with her husband […]

2014 Maui Year In Review

This was a year of great storms, both political and climatic. It’s the year we got the new governor that apparently everyone wanted, and the year some of Maui’s most powerful and infamous police officers decided to hang up their badges (some more willing than others). This was the year Kimo Apana attempted to make […]

Hawaii Governor-Elect David Ige Makes Tourism Industry Boss His New Chief Of Staff

After giving current Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie an historic plastering in the 2014 Democratic Primary Election, and then cruising to an easy victory over two far-better known rivals earlier this month, Governor-elect David Ige’s rise to power has been revolutionary in every sense of the term. This is fascinating, because Ige himself is as status-quo […]

Hunt Development Group To Build 68 ‘Luxury’ Homes In Kihei


The photo above is in jest, but not by much. Just when you thought South Maui had all the “luxury” homes it needed, Hunt Development Group went and broke ground on a few dozen more. On Oct. 6, the company held a groundbreaking and blessing ceremony at the site of their new Nu’u Aina development, which […]

On Keoua Kuahu’ula, Neil Abercrombie And The Art Of Going Out With Honor


So this weekend I got a chance to spend a few days relaxing over on the Big Island. And me being the history nerd that I am, I insisted on visiting the imposing and extremely well preserved Pu‘ukohola Heiau, site of perhaps the second most important death in Hawaii in the last couple of centuries […]

Quizunderstood: Who Wants To Be Maui Police Chief?


1. On Aug. 18, The Maui News reported that “nearly 20 people” had applied to be the new Maui Police Chief, though the newspaper said it could only confirm eight names. Which of the following was NOT among those eight the paper said want to be the next Maui Chief? A. Deputy Chief Clayton Tom […]

Why Gov. Neil Abercrombie Lost & Other Things We Learned From The Hawaii Primary Election


There were about a dozen people in the room when it happened. They were seated around tables, watching two televisions. Patriotic bunting and white signs bearing the name “Abercrombie” hung around the windows that faced Main Street in Wailuku. There was a stack of pizzas off to the side, as well as a few cakes, […]

An Early Look At Hawaii Primary Election 1st Printout


Maui County polls closed at 6pm or so in the Hawaii Primary Election, but the treasured 1st Printout–representing a little over 104,000 votes, didn’t get released until shortly before 7pm. Here are some early looks at a few key races. By now, most everyone in the state knows that incumbent Governor Neil Abercrombie is careening […]

Today: Hawaii Primary Election


The polls are open across Maui County and won’t close until 6pm tonight. Just two polling places are closed on the Big Island due to Hurricane Iselle. Given the relative calm weather out there, we should have our normally poor turnout, rather than the abysmal numbers political analysts were forecasting. You’d think that since Hawaii votes […]

Hawaii Officials Assessing Hurricane Iselle Damage

Iselle-storm-damage-Olinda-Road Makawao_001_Courtesy Corrine Peterson_web

For residents either still taking refuge from now-Tropical Storm Iselle or waiting for it to hit, Governor Neil Abercrombie’s repeated use of the cliche “keep calm and carry on” during a press conference earlier today was the best indicator that the storm wasn’t nearly as destructive as residents had feared. At current time, Abercrombie said, […]