Maui GMO Initiative Aside, County Voters Embrace Status Quo


Given the strong mobilization of voters for the GMO Initiative, you’d expect more of an impact on the rest of the couple dozen local races on the ballot. But no. In fact, no Maui County incumbent lost on election night. The pro-GMO Initiative people even put together a slate of candidates–with the exception of incumbent […]

Of The 4 Men Running For Hawaii Governor, Just Aiona & Ige Have Traction


Large business associations like the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce rarely write good comedy, but earlier this month, when the organization promoted its upcoming Sept. 23 Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, it did exactly that. “Save the date!” the organization tweeted on Sept. 2. “Hear from all 3 leading candidates on initiatives to shape HI’s biz climate.” The “3 leading […]

This Monday, Sept. 22: HPR Hosts Live Hawaii Governor Candidates Forum


Does the four-way race to be the next Hawaii Governor have you flummoxed? Are you having trouble placing Democratic candidate David Ige? Or understanding why Independent candidate Mufi Hannemann and Republican James “Duke” Aiona are running again? Or remembering the name of Libertarian candidate Jeff Davis? Well, now you have some help. This Monday night, Hawaii Public Radio will […]

This Saturday, Sept. 13: Democratic Candidates David Ige, Shan Tsutsui Will Appear At Grand Opening Of Their New Maui HQ


If you have no idea how the four-way Hawaii Governor’s race is going to shake out, join the crowd. Republican James “Duke” Aiona has run before and lost badly, Democrat David Ige may have smashed incumbent Neil Abercrombie but he’s largely unknown to most voters, Independent Mufi Hannemann is probably too well known to the […]

Quizunderstood: Who Wants To Be Maui Police Chief?


1. On Aug. 18, The Maui News reported that “nearly 20 people” had applied to be the new Maui Police Chief, though the newspaper said it could only confirm eight names. Which of the following was NOT among those eight the paper said want to be the next Maui Chief? A. Deputy Chief Clayton Tom […]

NOAA: ‘Opihi Could Be Saving Itself From Climate Change


With political candidates like Mufi Hannemann vowing to bring about inter-island high-speed ferry service should he get elected governor, it’s fashionable to look back at the opposition to the Hawaii Superferry five or six years ago and deride it as nothing more than a bunch of pesky environmentalists. In fact, a lot of local residents on […]

Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa Endorses Mufi Hannemann For Hawaii Governor


There are a dozen people running for Hawaii Governor this year (including Democrat Neil Abercrombie, who despite low poll numbers apparently would like a second term), but Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa has apparently already chosen his favorite: former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann. “I know in my heart of hearts that Mufi Hannemann is the best […]

The Evil Of Three Lessers: The 2014 Hawaii Governors’ Race


The state Office of Elections’ list of candidates for the 2014 election lists 12 individuals running for governor. Looking over the names, we find three Democrats, two Republicans, one Libertarian, one Indpendent and four Non-Partisans. Ten of them hail from Oahu, and the remaining two list Hawaii Island as their home. The first to file […]

Some Thoughts on 1st Batch of Hawaii Primary Election Results #HIvote


The state Elections Office released the first batch of election results in the Hawaii Primary Election at a little after 8pm. Here are some random thoughts: In the most important race facing Maui County – the bid to replace retiring Democratic US Senator Daniel Akaka, all the action tonight is in the Democratic side (former […]

Hot Maui Primary Election Action!


Time to vote, folks! Hard to believe that Saturday–THIS SATURDAY–is the Hawaii state Primary Election. Finally, after months of political ads clogging our radio and television airwaves, we get to find out who wins the big popularity contest we call Democracy. Well, half-wins–this is just a Primary, so we’ll meet back here in November and […]

MauiTime’s 2012 Hawaii Primary Election Endorsements


When you don’t vote, you have no voice. There’s no truer statement in a democracy. Sure, we can bitch and moan about the influence of money in political elections, or the stranglehold “special interests” have over our legislatures or even the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of most candidates, but when it comes down to it, […]

Are Hawaii Public Officials Who Use Twitter Just Bots?


So some Investigative Journalism in the Digital Age students at Eugene Lang College in New York have started the Bot or Not Project. This is a simple test that allows Twitter users to see if a particular Twitter account is maintained by an actual human being or is simple a computerized spam-sender–a “bot” (click here […]

Who’s Next? A Look At the Race to Replace Senator Dan Akaka

That sound you heard last week was the collective lip-smacking of numerous Hawaii politicians—both in and out of office—who are now chewing on a tantalizing question: who wants to become a United States Senator? It’s a pretty plumb gig—one that comes with influence, power and prestige. And the opportunity doesn’t present itself often; before 86-year-old […]

Is Atheism Good For You? New Research Sheds Some Light

This fall, during one of the gubernatorial debates between Mufi Hannemann and Neil Abercrombie, Hannemann (a Mormon) was asked what role religion would play in his administration. “I respect the right of everyone to adhere to a higher being, to respect the power of prayer and what faith can bring for us,” the former Honolulu […]

Maui Official Flowers and Underwater Hawaiian Islands

We're No. 1

1. How many members are in the Hawaii House of Representatives? Bonus: How many are from Maui County? Double Bonus: How many are Republican? 2. What is the official flower of Maui? 3. “”He was not a native son of our land, but we adopted him as our own,” Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann told the […]

Interview With Hawaii Gubernatorial Candidate Neil Abercrombie

they're on the cover, not playing them

“You locked us out!” says Neil Abercrombie, entering the MauiTime office in a buttoned-down Aloha shirt, hair slightly disheveled, a stack of papers under his arm and two campaign aides on his heels. And it’s true, though in our defense Abercrombie was running late–a product, he says, of an over-long engagement on the West side […]