The Sacred Moment: On The Wonders Of Yoga Breath

You’ve probably heard the term “take a deep breath” many times, often during a time when you’re losing your mind, super-frustrated or just need to calm down. Yoga practice also calls upon conscious breathing skills, as do lots of other fitness training, martial arts and anger management. How does taking a breath affect the body? […]

Food Is Medicine: The promise, and challenge, of eating healthy

Mother Nature Meets The Federal Government: Exploring how the Affordable Care Act affects Naturopathic Doctors

Most people probably don’t realize that the federal Affordable Healthcare Act (HR3590) includes provisions preventing discrimination of alternative medicine. This could have a big affect on the Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) on Maui. “That will be the largest single event to impact our profession in years,” says Lorilee Schoenbeck–a board member of the American Association of […]

Blowing Up The Bliss Bubble: Maui’s Transformational Festivals

Whether the transformational festival was reborn from the need for artists to express themselves, musicians looking for a new way to perform or simply the passions of body and movement enthusiasts, it  doesn’t really matter. They’ve evolved into their own. Perhaps their roots lie in hippie festivals of the 1970s or the underground rave festivals […]

Fitness Forever: Words of wisdom from four Maui Trainers

CLAUDIA MICCO The Ritz Carlton Kapalua I coordinate the group fitness department and perform massage therapy at The Ritz Carlton Kapalua, Waihua Spa and Fitness Center. I teach Hybrid Fitness, Pilates, yoga, taiji and strength training classes and privates. Visualization 101 Step 1: Put it on your calendar; schedule it into your day literally. […]

Ritz Carlton Wellness Week: Yogafit, Taiji and Nutrition at E Malama Kou Kino

There’s a dirty underbelly to the foodie revolution, and it boils down to the waistline. Even with all the great farm-to-table eats, the move to slow food from fast food isn’t necessarily tipping the scale in the right direction. Finding balance calls for moderation and exercise but in our culture of burning the candle at […]

2012 Mind Body Spirit Issue – Our Guide To Health And Wellness On Maui


It’s hard to imagine a more complex mechanism than the human body. Medical science can tell us a great deal about how to keep that mechanism functioning normally–what to eat, when to do physical exercise, the importance of stimulating the mind–but it’s always amazing how much of why our bodies are the way they are […]

Alternative Laser Therapies Are Becoming More Prominent On Maui

MauiTime Cover 2010 Maui Film Fest

By Amanda Thomas Laser therapies have been gaining recognition in the medical field steadily and are now becoming increasingly popular on Maui. The most common therapies are laser hair removal and facial rejuvenation. Anti-aging and Sweat Ablation laser therapies are becoming more prominent as well. Laser hair removal provides patients with permanent hair reduction. That […]

Dr. Gina Kim’s New Book ‘The Power To Heal Yourself’ Aims To Put Your ‘Body-Mind-Spirit’ In Balance

Crazy Wisdom

By Anu Yagi The Power to Heal Yourself By Dr. Gina Kim, D.C.#SATORI– Publishing Division. 112 pages. $20. Imagine it’s your birthday and you’ve just unwrapped a hideous rainbow jumper, painstakingly hand-knit–especially for you–by an earnestly benevolent friend. The heartfelt card is signed “In Service with Love.” Your first thoughts fly to where in […]

Samana Wellness can guide you to Whole Body Health, with tailored packages to fulfill any timeline

Finding yourself on a quest for self-improvement may not be a realistic solitary endeavor. You can get discouraged by setting goals that you never attain, or distractions that rob you of focus. Danielle Ryan is just the coach for busy people. Her wellness programs are tailored to a variety of schedules and they are also […]

Orthohealing in the Valley Isle, high tech blood, gear, and supplements can help you avoid pain and surgery on Maui

Chris Pagdilao wears Intelliskin out Stand Up Paddleboarding My diagnosis of arthritis kinda came as blow this year, a testament to older age. What’s worse, when I asked my general practitioner for alternatives to over-the-counter pain meds, or specific foods that I could avoid that might alleviate pain, he had nothing. While arthritis is a […]

Fitness options to fit all kinds of bodies minds and spirits on Maui

Hawaiian Quilt Bailey House Museum

Driving out to Haiku to workout, I paused to look at the old to-go coffee cups and empty Pop Tart wrappers in my car. Though I strive for healthy lifestyle, bad habits creep back in like roaches. I’m heading to Upcountry Fitness to work out and figure out more healthy fitness habits that I can […]