MauiTime’s Awesome Calendar of Events | May 22-28th, 2014

BIG SHOWS ALOHA FRIDAZE WITH DJ KAMIKAZE & DJ BIG MIKE – Fri, May 23. Here’s a chance to dance, flirt and check out the North Shore’s nightlife scene. 21 and over. 10pm, $10 at the door. Charley’s Restaurant & Saloon. (142 Hana Hwy., Paia); 808-579-8085; POWER-UP’S COMEDY CIRCUS – Sat, May 24. The […]

MauiTime’s Movies & Showtimes | April 10-16th, 2014

NEW MOVIES CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CHEERLEADING EVENT – NR – Sports – It’s about cheerleading, people. 120 min. DRAFT DAY – PG13 – Sports/Drama – Kevin Costner, who should probably stick to baseball pictures, plays a GM who has to rebuild his NFL team. 109 min. GOD’S NOT DEAD – PG – Drama – An atheist […]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Megan Rose of REVIVAL

Megan Rose, Designer REVIVAL: Upcycled Style [email protected]   Esty Website: REVIVALmens Facebook: Revival Clothing   How many years experience in the industry? 9 years   How did you manage to launch your own fashion line? My main focus when I moved to the bay area was environmentalism, but, while living in an expensive metropolitan area, if you […]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Larissa Williams of LeRu

Larissa Williams, Owner LeRu Atelier  505 Front St, Ste #203, Lahaina HI 808-661-2741   Website: Facebook: LeRu Atelier   How many years experience in the fashion industry? 13   How did you get your start in the Fashion Design and/or retail industry? I studied fashion at Columbia College Chicago. Moved to L.A. shortly after and started making […]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Samantha Howard of Wings Hawaii

Samantha Howard, Designer   Wings Hawai’i Flagship Store & Wings Hawai’i Designs  [formerly 71 Baldwin Ave] 69 Hana Hwy, Paia, HI 96779 808-579-3110 [email protected]   Website: Facebook: Wings Hawaii Pinterest: Wings Hawaii Instagram: WingsHawaii   How many years experience in the industry? 10   How did you get your start in the Fashion Design and retail industry? When […]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Jonnalynn Lyons of Paia Mercantile Lahaina

  Jonnalynn Lyons, Operations Store Manager  Paia Mercantile Lahaina Gateway Center, Ste. 205, 335 Keawe St. Lahaina, HI. 96761 808-661-1001   Twitter: @PaiaMercantile Facebook: Paia Mercantile Lahaina, Paia Mercantile Paia   How many years experience in the industry? 12+ years altogether in Retail Industry…   How did you get your start in the Fashion Design and/or retail industry? […]

Letter Writer Says MauiTime Is Getting Boring Like San Diego Reader

For two years I have been reading the MauiTime faithfully. It’s my entertainment on Thursday evening while my husband watches bad TV. I look forward to it. However it has gotten really boring and soooo full of advertisements. Yes, I do understand ads are the bread and butter of an independently owned newspaper. There’s a […]

The Year In MauiTime Hate Mail

And now, we present the year in MauiTime hate letters. Well, excerpts of hate letters, to be exact. As we’ve done in the past, here are the choices examples of vitriol, criticism, negativity and just plain meanness that we’ve run in our Feedback section, all strung together into one long paragraph of uninterrupted, unmitigated, undeniable […]

Readers Sound Off On Maui Pride Cover And Cane Burning

MAUI PRIDE COVER I am a loyal reader of the Mauitime newspaper. However, the Oct. 4, 2012 cover photo was extremely offensive. How sad that MauiTime would parody the famous Iwo Jima Memorial honoring fallen Marines. Not even Mauitime can spin this cover photo to be anything but what it is, an attempt to put […]

MauiTime Readers Sound Off On Best Of Maui, Eh Brah And Young Skaters Who Rip Old Skaters


BLAME THE VOTERS! I am appalled that your newspaper would list Big Beach as the Best Swimming Beach on Maui (Best of Maui, July 19, 2012). Are you truly unaware of the number of people that have been paralyzed at Big Beach? We have had so many patients young, old, tourists and residents that will […]