Quizunderstood: How well do you know Maui resort anniversaries?


1. Starting Apr. 6 and running through Apr. 18, the Maui Police Department commenced a new operation designed to crack down on what driving misbehavior? A. Drunk driving B. Speeding C. Distracted driving D. Driving without a seatbelt E. Not yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks 2. This April, which Maui resort is celebrating its 35th […]

This Tuesday, April 14: Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber hosts Maui Police Chief of Police

The Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce hosts Maui Police Chief Tivoli Faaumu this Tuesday at the Maui Tropical Plantation. The public is invited to hear Faaumu’s vision for the Maui Police Department. RSVP by Sunday, April 12 to the number or website below. A no host bar and buffet dinner included in fee. $25 members. […]

Are the new Maui Police body cameras just a Trojan Horse for more surveillance?


The Maui Police Department will soon equip at least some of its officers with body cameras, the department announced on Mar. 20. “The Plans, Training, Research and Development Section has scheduled a one month feasibility study on the use of body-worn cameras,” stated the department’s press release. “The study is scheduled to begin on Monday, […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know Maui ag exports?

1. There’s a new Maui Police Officer doing parking enforcement in Wailuku Town. What is the officer’s name? A. Nick Krau B. Peter Delima C. David Wikoli D. John D. Jakubczak E. Keith Taguma 2. On Feb. 22, The Maui News reported that though agricultural export shipments from Hawaii ports rose 5.2 percent in 2014, […]

The Hawaii Legislature may soon legalize medical marijuana dispensaries–too bad that won’t help MCCC inmate Brian Murphy

The modern American drug war is now deep into its 43rd year. Every year, the federal government spends between $20 billion and $25 billion on measures designed to combat the sale of illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana. The results of these expenditures are a monument to failure: despite the fact that one in […]

Maui Police begin parking enforcement again in Wailuku Town

Emails started flying around town yesterday that new parking enforcement in Wailuku Town was imminent, and it looks like the stories were true. As you can see from these photos, which were taken on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 17, the Maui PD is once again chalking cars and enforcing Wailuku two-hour parking restrictions. Since MPD Officer Keith […]

New Hawaii bill would end special public records exemption for disciplined police officers

Yeah, we can’t believe it either: Senate Bill 497 “Repeals the privacy exemption within the Uniform Information Practices Act [UIPA] for county police department officers,” according to the bill text. It was introduced on Jan. 23 by small handful of state Senators, including Maui’s own Roz Baker, D–South Maui. Myriad organizations have already submitted testimony […]

Quizunderstood: How well do know County of Maui grants?

1. On Jan. 22, according to a Maui Police press release, a 69-year-old male tourist from Washington took a rusted out mortar round that dated to World War II to the Kihei Police Station. Where did the tourist say he found the mortar round? A. Wailea Beach B. Kalama Beach C. Polo Beach D. Keawakapu […]

Maui Police Stepping Up DUI Enforcement During Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl XLIX happens this Sunday, and that means the Maui Police Department will celebrating by taking part in the national “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk Campaign.” And the campaign looks pretty serious, according to a news release the MPD sent out on Jan. 28: “Starting today and throughout the weekend the Maui Police Department […]

Will 2015 Be The Year Wailuku Town Gets Parking Meters?

When the great history of Maui in the 21st century is written, the year 2015 will go down as the beginning of the Post-Taguma era. Residents–especially those who live and work in Wailuku Town–have been celebrating the retirement of Maui Police Officer Keith Taguma for weeks now. Each year for the past three decades, Taguma’s […]

UPDATE: Ramzey Hoopii had “head injuries when brought onboard” -Captain David Jung

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 10.51.15 PM

A passenger aboard the Maui Princess spotted a body of a male in the Lahaina Harbor roadstead upon the ferry’s entry into port. The unresponsive unidentified male was pulled aboard in pouring rain and efforts were made to resuscitate. The Maui Princess had passengers from Kaunakakai Harbor aboard. The Maui Princess is ferrying passengers while the […]

2014 Maui Year In Review

This was a year of great storms, both political and climatic. It’s the year we got the new governor that apparently everyone wanted, and the year some of Maui’s most powerful and infamous police officers decided to hang up their badges (some more willing than others). This was the year Kimo Apana attempted to make […]

Maui Police To Increase Traffic Enforcement During Holiday Season

Keith Taguma Kushman Maui Police Department

Bet you didn’t see this one coming: the Maui Police Department’s Traffic Section will boost their traffic enforcement during the last two weeks of November. ” Officers will be on the lookout for those who are speeding, not wearing seatbelts, and using Mobile Electronic Devices while driving,” said Sergeant William Hankins of the Maui PD’s Traffic […]

Maui PD Releases ‘Stop Or Get Stopped’ Campaign Results


And yet another cutesy-titled Maui Police campaign has come to a close. You can breathe easier, kids: the MPD’s 14-day “Stop or Get Stopped” push against people who run red lights and stop signs is over. “As with all of our traffic enforcement campaigns our goal is to raise awareness, educate the public as well […]

Maui Police Launch Another Law Enforcement Campaign With A Cutesy Name*


The Maui Police Department, which previously brought you the law enforcement campaign “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” has come up with yet another operation with a cutesy name. From Oct. 6-19, the MPD will conduct a “Stop or Get Stopped”** campaign that, according to an Oct. 1 department news release, is “focused on motorists […]

TONIGHT: New Maui PD Chief Tivoli Faaumu Appearing Live On Akaku

Chief Faaumu

If you’re curious about what newly minted Maui PD Chief Tivoli Faaumu thinks about law enforcement, then you might want to tune into Akaku Channel 55 tonight at 5pm (you can also see it on Akaku.org and hear it on K-AKU 88.5 on your FM dial). Shaggy Jenkins will interview Faaumu live. Worried that Faaumu won’t talk about […]