Holding Maui Police Commission at UH Maui College apparently a success

So apparently holding Maui Police Commission meetings at an easily accessible place like the University of Hawaii Maui College campus is popular with residents. According to this Jan. 22 Maui News story, 14 members of the public attended the Wednesday, Jan. 21 commission meeting. Woohoo! Fourteen! Now I know 14 may not sound like a […]

Maui Police Commission Meeting This Wednesday At UH Maui College

For many years, the Maui Police Commission met in the “Chief’s Conference Room,” a special chamber in the Maui Police Department’s imposing Wailuku headquarters. The room was not generally accessible to the public, and anyone who wasn’t a cop needed to provide identification and get a special escort through the station to get to the […]

This Wednesday, Jan. 21: Maui Homeless Alliance Community Forum

The Maui Homeless Alliance presents a community forum this Wednesday at the Maui Economic Opportunity office in Wailuku. The forum will feature a panel including representatives from the Maui Police Department, Mental Health Kokua, Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers, Veterans Administration, Aloha House and A Cup of Cold Water. Let your voice be heard and needs be known. […]

Report: Maui Police Officer Keith Taguma To Retire This Week

Yes, kids, it’s true: Maui Police Officer Keith Taguma, a 30-year veteran of the force, will retire this week. Drivers in Wailuku can now rest a bit easier: Taguma’s parking ticket reign of terror is nearly at an end. Rumors of Taguma’s impending retirement have been flying around Wailuku for months. I even asked Lt. William Juan, […]

The decision not to indict the cop who killed Eric Garner reminds us of Maui’s own Rick Gregory, who died at the hands of MPD Officers Nicholas Angell, Edwin Apong & Garret Tihada

Forgive me if I’m not surprised that a grand jury didn’t indict the New York cop who choked Eric Garner to death. Don’t get me wrong–not indicting the guy who killed Garner in the act of arresting him for selling illegal cigarettes is a travesty of justice. Garner said 11 times–ELEVEN TIMES–that he couldn’t breathe, and […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know Hawaii Gov. David Ige’s priorities?


1. In its Nov. 28 edition, The Maui News reported that the sale of the Maui Lu Resort in Kihei to the Tokyo-based Capbridge Group has officially closed. According to the story, what was the purchase price? A. $50 million B. $60 million C. $70 million D. $80 million E. $90 million 2. On Dec. […]

County Of Maui Wants You To Volunteer For Boards And Commissions

The County of Maui would like you to volunteer to be a member of one of their many boards and commissions. Yes, you. “Positions are appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the County Council and have terms lasting two to five years,” states a Nov. 18 county news release. “While no monetary compensation is provided for […]

Maui County Police Commission Chooses Capt. Tivoli Faaumu To Be New MPD Chief


There’s no white smoke pouring out of the Maui Police Department’s Wailuku headquarters, but the Maui Police Commission has nonetheless just elected a new pope–er, police chief–and his name is Tivoli Faaumu. That’s right, kids: the commission opted to go ABC–”anyone but Clayton–and opted to ignore Deputy Chief Clayton Tom (retired Chief Gary Yabuta’s preferred […]

Judge Kelsey Kawano Ends Prosecution Of MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo–No Probable Cause


After nearly two years, Wailuku District Court Judge Kelsey Kawano has finally ended the travesty that was the case State of Hawaii v. Thomas Russo, the publisher of MauiTime. On Wednesday, July 9, Judge Kawano ruled that Maui Police Officers Rusty Lawson and John Fairchild had no probable cause to arrest Russo on Nov. 20, […]

Hawaii Officials Adjust State’s Distracted Driving Law

State officials have modified Hawaii’s distracted driving law, which first went into effect on July 1, 2013. When this law was first introduced, those caught using a mobile electronic device while driving would face a fine between $100 and $200, for a first offense, and they were required to appear in court. In the year that has passed […]