Maui News gives huge gift to Keith Regan’s 2016 Maui County Council campaign

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A lot of people got awards from the nonprofit organization African Americans on Maui at their June 30 ceremony in Kepaniwai Park in Iao Valley. The ceremony was to (finally) commemorate the historical accomplishments of African-Americans in Hawaii history in the park that already honors other ethnic groups’ culture and traditions in Maui history. Mayor […]

Jill Engledow talks self-publishing at the Wailuku Public Library

Jill Engledow. Courtesy of Hawaii State Public Library System.

Author and former Maui News reporter/editor Jill Engledow will host a talk on self-publishing this Thursday at the Wailuku Public Library. She will break down how technology can help authors publish and distribute their own books. Engledow has written several books on Maui history, and has experience in both traditional publishing and releasing self-published e-versions of her work. Free. 6:30pm. […]

Maui News Editorial blasts County Council for doing business in private

Yesterday I told you about a pretty weak front page story in The Maui News. Well, today the paper redeemed itself with a strong editorial blasting the Maui County Council for its addiction to discussing business in secret “executive” session: “In no case does any Sunshine Law REQUIRE a public body to go into executive […]

Maui News Editorial Condemns Youth, Says Future Leaders ‘In Hiding’

If young people still read newspapers, they might be insulted by today’s staff editorial in The Maui News (click here for the editorial, but a subscription is required to read it). “There are not many times we feel sorry for the young,” the editorial, titled “The search for leaders,” begins. After a lazy start slobbering over the […]

UPDATED: We Audit Rick Chatenever’s Friend List/Maui News Column

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  [Note: I updated this post on Aug. 20 to include data from all of Chatenever’s column entries, though as you’ll see, nothing really changed. The infographic now reflects the updated data, and is also now slightly easier to read.] Every Tuesday since January, The Maui News runs a column on Page A3 called “Maui […]

Maui News Says It’s News When Cops Refuse To Name Shooter, Unless It’s Here


Was it just me, or did anyone else find the above Associated Press story about the recent shooting in Ferguson, Missouri that ran in today’s Maui News to be bitterly funny? Of course, there’s nothing funny about the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Or the fact that residents and activists are outraged over the death and the […]

Quizunderstood: Maui Musicians & Criminal Justice Bills


  1. Last week Hawaii News Now reported that this summer a local Maui musician will start teaching a songwriting class at University of Hawaii’s West Oahu campus. Who is the musician? A. George Kahumoku Jr. B. Willie K C. Paula Fuga D. Kanoa E. Tom Conway   2. Sundays are typically the biggest days […]

Talking Story With Jill Engledow About Her New Novel ‘The Island Decides’ And What Maui Was Like During The Hippie Days


It’s hard to believe now, but 40-plus years ago Maui went to war over hippies. The long-haired idealists had been coming to the island since 1967 at least, but at first, locals had welcomed them. By 1970, this welcome had considerably soured. “These are parasites who deride our society, contribute nothing to it, but use […]

‘Maui News’ Press Breaks On One Day You Should Read The Paper


That’s right, kids: don’t bother looking for your shiny new Friday editions of The Maui News on your porches, driveways or even rooftops today. According to a publisher’s note posted on their website this morning, their press is broken and no papers are going out until this afternoon or, perhaps, Saturday. That’s a shame because Wailuku […]

Mysterious Maui News Reporter Covers Former Maui County Family Court Judge Mimi DesJardins’ Trial


So it looks like Maui has lost a judge to criminal activity. On Thursday, May 9, Maui Family Court judge Mimi DesJardins pleaded no contest to a single charge of tampering with a government record. The state Attorney General’s office originally charged her with 10 counts, but her plea deal brought it down to one. […]

Publisher: @TheMauiNewsHI Preparing To Put Up Online Paywall


It isn’t every day (or decade) that the Maui Weekly reports an actual news story, but stranger things have happened. According to a story in that paper’s April 25 issue, Maui News Publisher Joe Bradley has decided to put up a new online paywall for the daily sometime in the next few months. “We have […]

Maui News Reporter Ilima Loomis Trades Paper For Spirituality And Health

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I’d just like to say that my job just got a whole lot easier. On Friday, Apr. 13, Maui News Reporter Ilima Loomis (who I consider a  friend) announced that she’s exiting the paper. “I will be leaving The Maui News on April 24 to take a position as managing editor of Spirituality & Health […]

New Labor Agreement Means More Layoffs, Cutbacks Coming To The Maui News


We live in a time of media cuts. Newspapers are shrinking, trimming the size of their broadsheets and the scope of their coverage. The explosion of the Internet has led to both the proliferation of information (some of it important) and the destruction of the old advertising-based business model that’s kept newspapers running for the […]

Wailuku Main Street Association Chairman Ridicules Maui News Reporter Ilima Loomis


Hey, I would to if she spent the last year kicking my non-profit association’s ass all over the island with a series of stories detailing the County of Maui’s increasingly pointed and critical attempts to find out what, exactly, the 25-year-old Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA) does with the grant monies it gets (which provide […]

Blogger: Honolulu Weekly In Dire Financial Trouble


And now for some very bad media news that went down over the weekend: Honolulu Weekly, an independent alternative paper on Oahu that just celebrated its 20th year and is owned by publisher Laurie Carlson, is facing a dire financial situation, according to blogger Ian Lind. “In an email sent yesterday [Aug. 5] and forwarded […]

What Bin Laden And The Birthers Have In Common


On April 27, 2011, the President of the United States went on national television to show the world his long-form birth certificate. He did it more than three years after taking office, and many months after releasing his slightly-less-detailed certificate of live birth. “We don’t have time for this silliness,” he proclaimed. “We’ve got better […]