Quizunderstood: How well do you know Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa’s time in the Boy Scouts?


  1. The Maui County Council’s Land Use Committee is currently considering a fast-track affordable housing project in North Kihei known as the Kenolio Apartments, from Idaho-based Pacific West Communities. How many units are in the project? A. 74 B. 120 C. 152 D. 186 E. 201 2. In October, the Maui County Council of […]

Maui County Council candidate Joe Blackburn now handing out free donuts


When you’ve already lost the same election twice in a row, I guess you need to try some unusual campaign tactics. In his third attempt now at winning the Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapu Maui County Council seat, land broker Joe Blackburn has already told the press that he and his people would pluck weeds from Eha Street in Wailuku and give out free […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know the future of the vacant land next to the Honua Kai Resort?


1. On Sept. 3, more than 40 state and county leaders gathered in Honolulu to call for true publicly owned utilities in Hawaii. According to the news release the state House of Representatives’ press office sent out that day, which Maui County Councilmember was there? A. Riki Hokama B. Gladys Baisa C. Don Guzman D. […]

Maui County Council taking up industrial hemp, bus stop smoking at Sept. 4 meeting


Do you think Maui County ought to encourage industrial hemp farming? Do you have an opinion on people smoking at bus stops? Then you might want to check out tomorrow’s Maui County Council meeting. There’s a lot on the meeting agenda (click here to read it), but two items caught my eye. First is a […]

Maui County Council Committee to discuss banning smoking at bus stops


The list of rules for cigarette smokers is longer than that of a dad whose teenage daughter has just discovered boys. Maui County will possibly restrict even more areas of salvation for nicotine enthusiasts, adding to the lengthy amendment of non-smoke friendly locations which consist of just about every inch of the island save for […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you understand Yuki Lei Sugimura’s county council candidacy?


1. On Aug. 7, local Democratic Party activist and leader Yuki Lei Sugimura announced that she was running for the Maui County Council. Who currently holds the seat Sugimura is running for, but is term-limited out and can’t run again? A. Bob Carroll B. Gladys Baisa C. Riki Hokama D. Don Couch E. Mike Victorino […]

Keith Regan holding fundraiser at Maui County Corp Counsel Pat Wong’s house


We have more than a year to go before the 2016 elections get here, but County of Maui Managing Director Keith Regan isn’t wasting any time. Regan, who’s running for the Maui County Council seat currently held by Mike Victorino (who’s prevented from running again in 2016 because of term limits), recently filed papers announcing […]

Reader Feedback: Enough with that Keith Regan photo already!


HATES KEITH REGAN PHOTO In the July 16, 2015 Coconut Wireless, I see that you printed the same big photo of Keith Regan as you did in the June 11, 2015 issue. The same photo with the bright green aloha shirt and treacly jack-o-lantern grin. In the June 11 issue, the caption read, “Would you […]

Maui County Council General Membership Meeting

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Keith Regan, Maui County’s Managing Director and Past Distinguished Lieutenant Governor for Kiwanis Division 22, will be the guest speaker at its upcoming general membership meeting. He will talk about his intention to run for the Maui County Council – Wailuku District seat. The luncheon meeting is open to the general public

Quizunderstood: How much do you know about bills Gov. David Ige signed into law?


1. On June 8, Governor David Ige signed four bills into law. One of them, HB 623, mandates “100 percent renewable energy portfolio standards by 2045.” One of the other bills Ige signed was HB 1509. What does that bill do? A. Requires the University of Hawaii to establish the collective goal of becoming net-zero […]

County Managing Director Keith Regan announces 2016 run for Maui County Council


It should surprise no one that County of Maui Managing Director Keith Regan is running for office. On Friday, June 5, Regan’s wife Lynn Araki-Regan sent out a press release stating that next year her husband would run for the Wailuku County Council seat. That seat’s currently held by Mike Victorino, but term limits bar […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know cane burn complaints from a Maui County Council member?


1. An HC&S cane burn on Wednesday, May 27 sent bad smoke over South Maui, prompting one Maui County Council member to write a letter of complaint to the company. According to the May 30 Maui News, who was the council member? A. Elle Cochran B. Stacy Crivello C. Mike White D. Don Couch E. […]

County of Maui issues RFP for possible municipal electric utility


Looks like the County of Maui really is serious about possibly setting up a municipal electric utility–especially given the possible merger between Hawaiian Electric Industries and NextEra that’s pending before the state Public Utilities Commission. How that merger will affect Maui Electric Co. (MECO) is still a matter of conjecture. So on May 6, the […]

Maui County Council, Maui Prosecuting Attorney in hot water yet again

Great news, kids! The circus otherwise known as the Mar. 3 Maui County Council hearing is still in town! In fact, it’s bigger than ever! On that day, the Maui County Council finally confirmed J.D. Kim for another term as Prosecuting Attorney, though it did so in one of the most ham-fisted manners possible. The […]

To prepare for tonight’s State of the County Address, we analyzed Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa’s last 3 speeches

If you haven’t heard, Maui Mayor Alan is giving his annual State of the County Address tonight. Mostly for nerdy fun, we did some quasi-scientific data analysis of Arakawa’s last three State of the County speeches (the only ones we could find on the County of Maui’s website). This consisted of running the speech texts through the free […]

‘I am here to address a travesty’ – Here’s what Deputy Prosecutor Richard Minatoya tried to say at the Mar. 3 Maui County Council hearing

If you read my Mar. 3 story on yesterday’s crazy County Council hearing on the reappointment of county Prosecutor John D. Kim, then you know that the big takeaways were (1) What was Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Richard Minatoya (who supported Kim) going to say about County Councilman Don Guzman (who opposed Kim) before Council Chairman Mike […]