Stream Down: The drama found on Akaku, Maui’s public access cable station, is nothing compared to what’s going on behind the cameras

For the people who provide public access cable television in Maui County, their whole reason for being is speaking out. “Empowering the community’s voice through access to media”–that’s the motto of Akaku, which runs local cable channels 53, 54 and 55 for the community. That means the station airs programming that’s often at odds with […]

Friends Of Maui County Council Coup Plotters Deny Coup Was Coup

Here’s a riddle for you: when is a coup not a coup? When friends of the coup plotters say it isn’t! On Nov. 11, The Maui News quoted Gladys Baisa, who had been Maui County Council Chairwoman until the day before, as saying that the circumstances of her removal from power constituted a “coup.” “Of […]

Damn, Hawaii Carpenters STILL Hate Maui Councilmember Elle Cochran

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We finally got some new numbers out of the state Campaign Spending Commission this week–the first time since the Primary Election, in fact. Because really, during the final two and a half months of an election, do voters really need to see what various candidates and Political Action Committees (PACs) are spending and collecting? Anyway, […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know Maui County’s unemployment situation?

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1. On Sunday, Sept. 21, the Maui Police arrested Rustyn Pajimola-Aiu, 22, of Kahului. One of his alleged offenses was an outstanding bench warrant. What was the other one? A. Robbing three banks over the last month B. Stealing a boat out of Ma‘alaea Harbor C. Dealing meth out of the Kahului fire station D. […]

Maui County Mayor, Councilmember Throw Hissy Fits Over Garbage


You have no idea how much I love this election. Not the national races or the four-way race to be governor–those are dull beyond belief. No, I’m talking about the Maui County Council elections–specifically, Mayor Alan Arakawa’s and Councilman Mike White’s reelection fights. The best part is that Arakawa and White (who’s running a tough […]

Maui County Councilman Riki Hokama To Hold Big Money Fundraiser In Honolulu


State Campaign Spending Commission (CSC) records show that Maui County Councilman Riki Hokama has held one fundraiser in the last two years. It was a modest $50/head deal at the Maui Beach Hotel on June 26, 2013. This isn’t surprising considering that the councilman who represents Lanai rarely has to campaign for office (he’s unopposed […]

CORRECTED: This Thursday, Aug. 14: Maui County Councilman Mike White To Speak At TEA Party Maui Gathering


For those of you just joining us, Maui County Councilman Mike White is in trouble. Two years ago he was unopposed when he ran for reelection to the Makawao-Haiku-Paia seat on the council, but this year he had to face three challengers. One of them, former Maui County Councilman Mike Molina, ended up being the […]

Damn, Hawaii Carpenters Really Hate Maui County Council Member Elle Cochran


Maui County Council races are usually sleepy, low-contact affairs with lots of smiles and roadside sign-waving. But this year’s three-way race for the West Maui council seat is different. Elle Cochran, a slow-growth devotee and Save Honolua activist who ran for reelection unopposed in 2012, is now facing two challengers: Rick Nava and Ka’ala Buenconsejo. Of […]

Maui County Councilman Don Guzman Wants Volunteers To Fix County Parks Dept. Shambles


Last time we checked, the County of Maui Parks Department was a mess. Director Glenn Correa–the subject of a Maui Police investigation into… something–is gone, and the state Attorney General’s office is currently looking into the department for… something. We tried to ask new Parks chief Brianne Savage, but she refused to sit down with […]

County Of Maui Thinking About Banning Styrofoam Containers


  The ubiquitous plate lunch has found a home in large polystyrene (known commercially as Styrofoam) containers since the dawn of time (or perhaps a bit later). But for those of you who largely subsist on large quantities of chicken katsu and loco moco, be warned that we may be living in the final days […]