County of Maui issues RFP for possible municipal electric utility


Looks like the County of Maui really is serious about possibly setting up a municipal electric utility–especially given the possible merger between Hawaiian Electric Industries and NextEra that’s pending before the state Public Utilities Commission. How that merger will affect Maui Electric Co. (MECO) is still a matter of conjecture. So on May 6, the […]

Maui County Council, Maui Prosecuting Attorney in hot water yet again

Great news, kids! The circus otherwise known as the Mar. 3 Maui County Council hearing is still in town! In fact, it’s bigger than ever! On that day, the Maui County Council finally confirmed J.D. Kim for another term as Prosecuting Attorney, though it did so in one of the most ham-fisted manners possible. The […]

In anticipation of tonight’s State of the County Address, here’s some data analysis of Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa’s last three addresses

If you haven’t heard, Maui Mayor Alan is giving his annual State of the County Address tonight. Mostly for nerdy fun, we did some quasi-scientific data analysis of Arakawa’s last three State of the County speeches (the only ones we could find on the County of Maui’s website). This consisted of running the speech texts through the free […]

‘I am here to address a travesty’ – Here’s what Deputy Prosecutor Richard Minatoya tried to say at the Mar. 3 Maui County Council hearing

If you read my Mar. 3 story on yesterday’s crazy County Council hearing on the reappointment of county Prosecutor John D. Kim, then you know that the big takeaways were (1) What was Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Richard Minatoya (who supported Kim) going to say about County Councilman Don Guzman (who opposed Kim) before Council Chairman Mike […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know who wants to replace Maui Rep. Mele Carroll?

1. According to a Feb. 8 Maui News story, 13 people are in the running to replace House Rep. Mele Carroll, who recently resigned because of her health. Which of the following is NOT one of those 13? A. Riki Hokama, Maui County Councilman B. Barbara Haliniak, who ran against Carroll in 2014 C. Rob […]

Maui News rips County Council for its endless war on Hawaii’s Sunshine Law

Yesterday I told you about a pretty weak front page story in The Maui News. Well, today the paper redeemed itself with a strong editorial blasting the Maui County Council for its addiction to discussing business in secret “executive” session: “In no case does any Sunshine Law REQUIRE a public body to go into executive […]

Will 2015 Be The Year Wailuku Town Gets Parking Meters?

When the great history of Maui in the 21st century is written, the year 2015 will go down as the beginning of the Post-Taguma era. Residents–especially those who live and work in Wailuku Town–have been celebrating the retirement of Maui Police Officer Keith Taguma for weeks now. Each year for the past three decades, Taguma’s […]

Mike White Takes Over Maui County Council

The new year brought entirely new Maui County Council leadership–exactly what was predicted shortly after the November 2014 election. Mike White is the new Council Chairman and Don Guzman is the new Vice Chairman. “I look forward to working with a great team in crafting quality legislation for the next two years,” said White at […]

Stream Down: The drama found on Akaku, Maui’s public access cable station, is nothing compared to what’s going on behind the cameras

For the people who provide public access cable television in Maui County, their whole reason for being is speaking out. “Empowering the community’s voice through access to media”–that’s the motto of Akaku, which runs local cable channels 53, 54 and 55 for the community. That means the station airs programming that’s often at odds with […]

Friends Of Maui County Council Coup Plotters Deny Coup Was Coup

Here’s a riddle for you: when is a coup not a coup? When friends of the coup plotters say it isn’t! On Nov. 11, The Maui News quoted Gladys Baisa, who had been Maui County Council Chairwoman until the day before, as saying that the circumstances of her removal from power constituted a “coup.” “Of […]

Damn, Hawaii Carpenters STILL Hate Maui Councilmember Elle Cochran

Hi Res  Color  Cochran

We finally got some new numbers out of the state Campaign Spending Commission this week–the first time since the Primary Election, in fact. Because really, during the final two and a half months of an election, do voters really need to see what various candidates and Political Action Committees (PACs) are spending and collecting? Anyway, […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know Maui County’s unemployment situation?

18.15.quiz photo_web

1. On Sunday, Sept. 21, the Maui Police arrested Rustyn Pajimola-Aiu, 22, of Kahului. One of his alleged offenses was an outstanding bench warrant. What was the other one? A. Robbing three banks over the last month B. Stealing a boat out of Ma‘alaea Harbor C. Dealing meth out of the Kahului fire station D. […]

Maui County Mayor, Councilmember Throw Hissy Fits Over Garbage


You have no idea how much I love this election. Not the national races or the four-way race to be governor–those are dull beyond belief. No, I’m talking about the Maui County Council elections–specifically, Mayor Alan Arakawa’s and Councilman Mike White’s reelection fights. The best part is that Arakawa and White (who’s running a tough […]

Maui County Councilman Riki Hokama To Hold Big Money Fundraiser In Honolulu


State Campaign Spending Commission (CSC) records show that Maui County Councilman Riki Hokama has held one fundraiser in the last two years. It was a modest $50/head deal at the Maui Beach Hotel on June 26, 2013. This isn’t surprising considering that the councilman who represents Lanai rarely has to campaign for office (he’s unopposed […]

CORRECTED: This Thursday, Aug. 14: Maui County Councilman Mike White To Speak At TEA Party Maui Gathering


For those of you just joining us, Maui County Councilman Mike White is in trouble. Two years ago he was unopposed when he ran for reelection to the Makawao-Haiku-Paia seat on the council, but this year he had to face three challengers. One of them, former Maui County Councilman Mike Molina, ended up being the […]

Damn, Hawaii Carpenters Really Hate Maui County Council Member Elle Cochran


Maui County Council races are usually sleepy, low-contact affairs with lots of smiles and roadside sign-waving. But this year’s three-way race for the West Maui council seat is different. Elle Cochran, a slow-growth devotee and Save Honolua activist who ran for reelection unopposed in 2012, is now facing two challengers: Rick Nava and Ka’ala Buenconsejo. Of […]