Quizunderstood: How well do you know Jones Act history?

1. Last week, Hawaii Governor David Ige named former state Senator Randy Iwase the new Public Utilities Commission Chairman. The last time Iwase ran for office was 2006, when he tried to unseat then-Governor Linda Lingle. What was Iwase’s vote percentage in that race? A. 47.9 percent B. 44.9 percent C. 37.9 percent D. 34.9 […]

Citing Her Health, Maui Rep. Mele Carroll Resigning From State Legislature

State Representative Mele Carroll, a Democrat whose district includes Haiku, Paia, Hana, Kahoolawe, Molokai and Lanai, is resigning from the state House of Representatives because of her health. A Jan. 20 news release from the state House of Representatives communications office offered a few details: “After consulting with doctors, contemplating her situation, and confirming with her husband […]

QuizUnderstood: How Well Do Know Linda Lingle’s Current Employer?


1. According to an Oct. 24 Maui News story, all of the following staffers and assistants to Maui Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa make at least $67,000 a year except one–and that one makes just a little over $49,000 per year. Which one makes the lower salary figure? A. Executive Assistant Mike Molina B. Executive Assistant […]

Monsanto Election Spending Is Out Of Control But We’re Still Saying To Vote No On The Maui County GMO Initiative

So by now most everyone on the island knows that Monsanto–a giant corporation that says it cares about feeding the world but is far more concerned about profits and market share–has spent more than $6 million to try to defeat the upcoming Maui County ballot measure that would slap a “moratorium” on all genetically modified crops. Together […]

The Evil Of Three Lessers: The 2014 Hawaii Governors’ Race


The state Office of Elections’ list of candidates for the 2014 election lists 12 individuals running for governor. Looking over the names, we find three Democrats, two Republicans, one Libertarian, one Indpendent and four Non-Partisans. Ten of them hail from Oahu, and the remaining two list Hawaii Island as their home. The first to file […]

The Return Of Former Linda Lingle Chief of Staff Bob Awana


In politics, like soap operas, no one is truly gone until he or she is dead (and even then, there are exceptions). Case in point is one Bob Awana, the former chief of staff for Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle who resigned in 2007 amid myriad stories about an alleged international extortion racket he found himself […]

2013 MauiTime Year In Review


Let’s call 2013 the Year of Ends. Ex-National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, who is now in exile in Russia after fleeing Hawaii with millions of secret documents, ended any feeling we had that the Obama Administration cared more about civil liberties than his predecessors. South African President Nelson Mandela’s death brought an end […]

Hawaii Legislative Special Session On Same-Sex Marriage Starts Today


Well, this is it. At 10am this morning, the Hawaii State Legislature went into Special Session to deal with, among other things, the issue of same-sex marriage. Ironically, after all the decades of controversy and missed opportunities, the issue today seems not to be if Governor Neil Abercrombie’s proposed legislation will pass, but by how […]

Newest U.S. Energy Security Council Appointee Linda Lingle Really Knows Gas

For all of you out there wondering whatever became of former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle (you know who you are), I have some important new information for you. Turns out she’s gone and joined something called the U.S. Energy Security Council. “Governor Lingle brings to the council a unique perspective and wealth of experience in […]

Here’s Our Take On The 2012 Election for Maui, Hawaii And The Nation #HIVote


Guess we don’t have Linda Lingle to kick around anymore. On Election night, the former two-term Republican Governor of Hawaii who had trounced Democrat Mazie Hirono at the polls a decade ago, was herself shown the door in her bid to succeed retiring U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka (D–Hawaii). The final summary vote tally, released by […]