Wave My Soul: Talking Story With Kauai Surfer Bethany Hamilton


By Barry Wurst II It was like most movie premieres, with a red carpet, celebrities sliding out of limos and the press waiting eagerly to drown the stars with questions and blinding camera flashes. Only this wasn’t Hollywood but rather Denver, Colorado, and the first big name to walk the carpet was Kauai’s own Bethany […]

Australian Woman to Try Oahu-to-Kauai Swim…Again

Per Hawaii News Now, Australian Penny Palfrey is going to try to swim from Oahu to Kauai tomorrow morning. It’s the second time she’s attempted the 70-plus mile slog; last time she made it halfway before some Portuguese Man-Of-War put a stop to things. Will she make it this time? Stay tuned.

Take a trip to the Underworld


Hard Rock Cafe Presents… The Vandals, with opening bands Highly Unlikely and The Skunkdogs.  Personally, I think they should have incorported their ridiculous last names into their band name, seeing as they are named – Quackenbush, Fitzgerald, Escalante, and Freese.  Edgy is the buzz word of the night, after all, the Vandals sing the song […]

Ko’olau: A True Story of Kaua’i

Koolau stage

The tale of the Hawaiian people and their sometimes courageous, sometimes questionable battle with Hansen’s disease is one that continues to live on in our present world.  Though the disease no longer threatens lives, Kalaupapa, Molokai remains frozen in time, a prison faded into a sanctuary, for those who struggled with Hansen’s disease.   Father Damien, a man […]

Kauai filmmaker Keoni Alvarez tests Hawaii’s media shield law…and wins

For the past four years, filmmaker Keoni Alvarez has been compiling footage for a documentary about Native Hawaiian burial rites. That’s a sensitive subject by itself, one rife with political, cultural and historical landmines, but things got even dicier when Alvarez was pulled into a dispute over the construction of a home on Kauai’s Naue […]