Heritage Film: “Moving Home”

A visually poignant documentary on the life of Korean dancer and teacher Halla Pai Huhm (1922-1994), produced and written by Billie Lee. “Moving Home” captures the tenacious spirit of a dancer whose life was shaped by the turbulent tides between Korea, Japan, and Hawai’i during the early half of the 20th century. Huhm was a […]

Hawaii Governor-Elect David Ige Makes Tourism Industry Boss His New Chief Of Staff

After giving current Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie an historic plastering in the 2014 Democratic Primary Election, and then cruising to an easy victory over two far-better known rivals earlier this month, Governor-elect David Ige’s rise to power has been revolutionary in every sense of the term. This is fascinating, because Ige himself is as status-quo […]

Is Hawaii Missing Out On Big Weed Money?


Unless you’re following Libertarian Jeff Davis, you’re probably not hearing a lot about legalizing marijuana in all the Hawaii Governor’s race commercials and forums. Davis, like a good Libertarian, is for it. “If I’m elected, we’re gonna legalize marijuana and treat it like wine,” the website Motherboard quoted Davis as saying back in August. “You’ll […]

Even Thoughtful, Sensitive ‘Cultural Heritage Tourism’ In Hawaii Can Bring Big Bucks


Given that Hawaii’s economy continues to live and die on the fortunes of tourism, Pacific Business News last week gave us a brief primer on the virtues of “cultural heritage tourism.” On Sept. 24, in anticipation of the Hawaii Heritage & Hospitality Forum in Honolulu at the end of October, Pacific Business News posted a […]

In Rare Show Of Opinion, Maui News Editorializes That Ken Burns’ ‘The Roosevelts’–And Racist TR Himself–Are ‘Wonderful’


Ah, Theodore Roosevelt. Is there any American president so revered? His mug is even chiseled into the side of Mount Rushmore. We call him a “progressive” today for supporting for things like land preservation and not supporting guys working in unsafe sausage factories that got ground up into said sausage, and to be fair, these are indeed progressive […]

Amazed That Two Hurricanes Are Threatening Hawaii This Week? Get Used To It.


There have been many stories about Hurricanes Iselle and Julio coming to Hawaii this week, and virtually all of them mention how rare and unusual it is to have even one large named storm threaten the state (the last one that actually caused substantial damage was Hurricane Iniki, which hit Kauai in 1992–as a Category 4 […]

2014 Hawaii Primary Election Endorsements


For us political junkies, the late summer of an even-numbered year is a magical time. Our airwaves, email and inboxes get jammed with misleading, often shameless propaganda. Battalions of volunteers line roadsides to wave colorful but still bland signs at passing motorists. And, for the true believers, forums pop up at community centers around the […]

Washington Post Says Hawaii Election Polling Is ‘Notoriously Unreliable’


Well, this is it–the final week before the Hawaii Primary Election on Aug. 9. So who’s going to win? Depends on which candidate you ask, or which poll you read. And if it seems to you that polls around here–which, right now, seem to show both incumbent U.S. Senator Brian Schatz and challenger Rep. Colleen Hanabusa […]