What awaits Maui Tomorrow when executive director Irene Bowie leaves next month?


In a way it’s fitting that Irene Bowie has decided to step down as executive director of Maui Tomorrow and return to the West Coast. When she took on the job as the Maui County’s most preeminent slow growth activist, the biggest issue facing the state was the proposed Hawaii Superferry. Maui Tomorrow under Bowie’s […]

NOAA: ‘Opihi Could Be Saving Itself From Climate Change


With political candidates like Mufi Hannemann vowing to bring about inter-island high-speed ferry service should he get elected governor, it’s fashionable to look back at the opposition to the Hawaii Superferry five or six years ago and deride it as nothing more than a bunch of pesky environmentalists. In fact, a lot of local residents on […]

Newest U.S. Energy Security Council Appointee Linda Lingle Really Knows Gas

For all of you out there wondering whatever became of former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle (you know who you are), I have some important new information for you. Turns out she’s gone and joined something called the U.S. Energy Security Council. “Governor Lingle brings to the council a unique perspective and wealth of experience in […]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST POLITICAL ACTIVIST: Irene Bowie #BOM2012

Irene re-cropped

It’s always nice to see our readers acknowledge the hard work and dedication of an activist not often seen in the spotlight. Irene Bowie is definitely that person. Since 2007, Bowie has been the president (and the lone full-time employee) of the non-profit slow-growth group Maui Tomorrow. A resident of Maui since 1978, Bowie helped […]

Candidate Linda Lingle!


LINDA LINGLE U.S. Senate • Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri • Pre-politics profession: Newspaper Publisher • Electoral Win/Loss Record: 9/1 • First electoral victory: Maui County Council, 1980 • Supports: Furloughing teachers, Kahului Airport expansion, more tourism, Honolulu rail • Opposes: Hawaii Superferry environmental review, civil unions, more protections for endangered Hawaiian monk seals • Gets […]

Hawaii Superferries For Sale!


At long last, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) announced today that it’s auctioning of the old Hawaii Superferries, named Alakai and Huakai. Considering that the vessels haven’t really been used since Hawaii Superferry, LLC. went belly-up in May 2009 (Huakai apparently never even entered the Pacific), the government is selling them as […]

Reviving The Superferry…On Your Dime?


To say the Hawaii Superferry was flawed is like saying the Titanic had minor iceberg issues. The litany of problems—legal, environmental, cultural—that made the boat a colossal boondoggle and ultimately led the state Supreme Court to order it out of the water in early 2009 have been well documented. At the same time, no one denies […]

Hawaii Lawmakers Are Considering Some Familiar Legislation. Will Any Of It Pass?

Every legislative session is defined more by failure than triumph. Hundreds of bills are introduced each year, and most are snuffed out quietly in committee, killed once they reach the floor or impaled by the Governor’s veto pen. Of course, no legislative death is permanent—there’s always another session to tweak and reintroduce a bill and […]

Lingle’s Legacy, According to Lingle…


As she packed her pantsuits and exited the Governor’s mansion this week, former Gov. Lingle launched a new Web site (thelingleyears.wordpress.com). Sentimentally titled “Looking Back, And Forward,” the site purports to be a chronicle of Lingle’s eight years in office. Curious, then, that searches for “Hawaii Superferry,” “Furlough Fridays” and “civil unions” yield zero results.

Rocking the boat


“The Superferry appeared on the horizon, headed straight at us. One-and-a-half times the length of a football field, five stories high, the uninvited menace had burned nearly 6,000 gallons of diesel from Honolulu to Kaua‘i. This was its maiden voyage.” So begins Part One of The Superferry Chronicles, a new book by journalist and filmmaker […]