Quizunderstood: How well do you know Wailuku’s new meter maid?

1. There’s a new Maui Police Officer doing parking enforcement in Wailuku Town. What is the officer’s name? A. Nick Krau B. Peter Delima C. David Wikoli D. John D. Jakubczak E. Keith Taguma 2. On Feb. 22, The Maui News reported that though agricultural export shipments from Hawaii ports rose 5.2 percent in 2014, […]

As cannabis co-op owner Brian Murphy languishes in prison, the Hawaii Legislature may finally legalize medical marijuana dispensaries

The modern American drug war is now deep into its 43rd year. Every year, the federal government spends between $20 billion and $25 billion on measures designed to combat the sale of illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana. The results of these expenditures are a monument to failure: despite the fact that one in […]

UPDATED: Maui Representative Mele Carroll Passes Away

[Ed. note: We updated this post on Feb. 19 to include more tributes to Carroll from various public officials] State Representative Diana “Mele” Carroll has passed away. The Democrat who’s represented East Maui, Lanai, Kaho’olawe and Molokai had recently been elected to her sixth term. Citing unspecified health issues, Carroll resigned her seat in January. […]

Hawaii Legislature’s Refusal To Restore All TAT Monies Brings Maui County Council, Mayor Together


Watching the Maui County Council interact with Mayor Alan Arakawa these days, sometimes you wonder if they would ever agree anything, including the time of sunset or the number of days left before the 2014 election. So it was actually nice over the weekend to see that members of the council who’ve largely disagreed with […]

Will Hawaii State Legislature Exempt Task Force Members From Code Of Ethics?

Hawaii-State-Legislature_Mauifeed_15-38_Kerry Gershaneck_CC

Investigative Reporter Ian Lind published a great blog post today listing a bunch of state bills that have passed their third readings. Making the list was HB 2175, a dandy of a bill introduced by 14 representatives. The bill’s quite simple, really: it exempts individuals (except those who are already state employees) who get named […]

Reviving The Superferry…On Your Dime?


To say the Hawaii Superferry was flawed is like saying the Titanic had minor iceberg issues. The litany of problems—legal, environmental, cultural—that made the boat a colossal boondoggle and ultimately led the state Supreme Court to order it out of the water in early 2009 have been well documented. At the same time, no one denies […]

By the Numbers: Borders Bankruptcies and Lingle Vacation Bonuses

rosemary cocktail1

3,224 Number of bills introduced this session by the Hawaii legislature 5,995 Number of bills introduced last session $345,684 Money owed to members of the Lingle Administration–including almost $17,000 to Lingle herself–for unused vacation time, according to figures submitted by Gov. Abercrombie’s office 201 Number of Borders bookstores set to close nationwide by the end […]

Hawaii Lawmakers Are Considering Some Familiar Legislation. Will Any Of It Pass?

Every legislative session is defined more by failure than triumph. Hundreds of bills are introduced each year, and most are snuffed out quietly in committee, killed once they reach the floor or impaled by the Governor’s veto pen. Of course, no legislative death is permanent—there’s always another session to tweak and reintroduce a bill and […]

Maui 2010 Election Reflections


In November 2008, a crowd gathered at Akaku’s Kahului plaza and watched Barack Obama announce the arrival of “a new dawn of American leadership.” Almost exactly two years later, with another election in the books, that new dawn has turned into an uncertain day. At the national level, Republicans reclaimed the House of Representatives while […]

Second Election Print Out In, Results Becoming Clear


The arrival of the second election printout from the state Office of Elections brings clarity to most state and county races. The two races that still appear too close to call are the East Maui Council race between Bill Medeiros and Bob Carroll, which Carroll leads by less than 60 votes, and the District 11 […]

First Election Printout Arrives For Hawaii and Maui Races


First the statewide stuff: Sen. Dan Inouye and Rep. Mazie Hirono look to be running away with their races, while Abercrombie/Schatz hold a significant but not insurmountable lead over Aiona/Finnegan. Sen. Tsutsui and Reps. Yamashita, Carroll, Souki, McKelvey and Keith-Agaran all look to be cruising, with South Maui’s Joe Bertram the only incumbent currently trailing, […]