Kihei’s Signature Coconut Shrimp truck – Kinaole Grill

The Kinaole Food Truck has a nice, feel-good story. When owner Becca Thomas, who’d visited her condo for years, decided she wanted to make the move to Maui full-time, she decided changing her small catering operation into a food truck operation was the way to go. It took about 11 months from food truck purchase […]

Chef Kyle Kawakami’s Maui Fresh Streatery Invents new Street Food for Central Maui

Chef Kyle Kawakami’s Maui Fresh Streatery has probably created more buzz on Facebook and Instagram than any other local food truck. You can find his bright red and green truck can be found at the Shell Station on Ka’ahumanu Avenue across from Maui Beach Hotel. He offers new Maui street cuisine every two weeks, which is […]

Jawz Tacos at the Lipoa Center: New restaurant review

Chef Antonio, happy customer, and owner, Joe Baldwin I love when restaurants tell me that they’ll kill me if they tell me what’s in the dish. It means things are about to get good. Their most guarded secrets are inevitably the most delicious and unusual. That’s just the response I got when I asked the […]

Updated: Slightly Salty Food Truck Open for Business in Kahului, Maui Restaurant Review

Lunch voyages to Slightly Salty remind me of why food trucks first became fashionable. It’s about serving gourmet restaurant food without paying big rent. When the economy took a dive, creative chefs hit the streets, and the foodies followed them. Slightly Salty’s big, pristine blue truck with the pig painted on it brings a new […]

Three’s Bar and Grill Food Truck: New Maui Restaurant Review

The true beauty of the food truck is that you can get a great meal nearly anywhere. But in Maui County, some of our laws may limit this, as was the case with the Three’s Bar and Grill Food Truck. They initially started their truck business with the idea of taking their signature style of food truck […]

Shark Pit Maui Food Truck Funks up Farm to Table on the Cheap

The trains may come and go at the Pu’ukoli’i station in Lahaina, but the food trucks are likely there to stay. The first one to stick has been Chris Mahon’s Shark Pit Maui Food Truck, serving what he calls “funked up farm food.” Now this isn’t Mahon’s first time to the rodeo. His recipes at […]

Taking a Ride on Kalama’s Food Bus (Truck) at Kahului Beach Road

Kalama’s If you’ve driven down Kahului Beach Road lately, chances are that you’ve seen the bright blue fish-painted bus that houses Kalama’s Fresh Fish & Lunch to Go! local grinds truck. I seem to see this one the most, at least five days a week from early in the morning until around four or five […]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST FOOD TRUCK: Jawz Tacos #BOM2013

Photo Courtesy of Jawz Fish Tacos. Best Food Truck Jawz Tacos When it comes to getting food on the go, our readers love the Jawz Taco Truck. Those trucks have been serving mouthwatering fish tacos for years at Big Beach, way before it became trendy to operate one. If you don’t get out to Makena […]

Eat Gogi! Maui’s Newest Food Truck Fuses Mexi Korean American Comfort Food Take Out

Oahu, eat your Korean taco heart out. Your Eat Gogi food truck bounced islands and is now on Maui. At the end of July I recognized Eat Gogi’s colorful truck right away on the corner of Kahului Beach Road and Kaahumanu Avenue. The shiny chrome details, hyper-styled black and red menu, images of its Korean […]

Da Puerto Rican Food Truck @DaPRFT expands Maui Foodie Vernacular Maui Restaurant Review

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This story originally contained an incorrect phone number for contacting Da Puerto Rican Food Truck. It has been corrected in the text below] When Mauians think of Puerto Rican food, they tend to gravitate towards the pastele. You seen them sold on the side of the road. You many not even know what […]