Hawaii Gov. David Ige appoints Suzanne Case to DLNR

In a stunning turnaround from his failed attempt to appoint Castle & Cooke lobbyist Carleton Ching to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources, Hawaii Governor David Ige today named Nature Conservancy of Hawaii Executive Director Suzanne Case to head the agency. “Suzanne shares my vision of wise stewardship of Hawaii’s public and conservation […]

Maui Chamber of Commerce Apparently Let US Senate Candidate Mazie Hirono Jerk Them Around


We don’t normally receive press releases from the pro-business, pro-establishment, pro-tourism, pro-commodification-of-all-things-lovely-about-our-home Maui Chamber of Commerce, so when we do, it’s quite an event. And today, this afternoon, we had an event. Quite an event indeed. “The Chamber of Maui Political Action Committee (COMPAC) will hold a forum this Wednesday night with former Governor Linda […]

Letters: Readers Respond On Olowalu Development, Ed Case


HATES BIG PROJECTS THAT COULD KILL REEFS Maui has the best politicians money can buy and most were bought long ago. Graft is, after all, a sacred Maui county government tradition. I watched the reefs at Kaanapali finish dying off after six hotels were built in 1980. I am still seeing development rotting the reefs […]

MauiTime’s 2012 Hawaii Primary Election Endorsements


When you don’t vote, you have no voice. There’s no truer statement in a democracy. Sure, we can bitch and moan about the influence of money in political elections, or the stranglehold “special interests” have over our legislatures or even the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of most candidates, but when it comes down to it, […]

After the ‘Opposites Attract’ TV Ad, Why is Ed Case Still Trying To Dance With Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle in Hawaii’s US Senate Race?


If I were Ed Case, I’d start to consider ending my electoral political aspirations. He’s a decent guy, sure, and, when he was in the House of Representatives, as effective as a legislator can be when he or she is from Hawaii. But from the start of his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat currently […]

Are Hawaii Public Officials Who Use Twitter Just Bots?


So some Investigative Journalism in the Digital Age students at Eugene Lang College in New York have started the Bot or Not Project. This is a simple test that allows Twitter users to see if a particular Twitter account is maintained by an actual human being or is simple a computerized spam-sender–a “bot” (click here […]

Talking With U.S. Senate Candidate Ed Case


By Anthony Pignataro Today he’s managing attorney with the Honolulu law firm of Bays, Lung, Rose & Holma, but from 2002 to 2007 Ed Case was a U.S. Congressman, representing Hawaii’s Second District. In 2006, Case gave up his very safe seat in the U.S. House to run against U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka. He never […]

Who’s Next? A Look At the Race to Replace Senator Dan Akaka

That sound you heard last week was the collective lip-smacking of numerous Hawaii politicians—both in and out of office—who are now chewing on a tantalizing question: who wants to become a United States Senator? It’s a pretty plumb gig—one that comes with influence, power and prestige. And the opportunity doesn’t present itself often; before 86-year-old […]

Breaking: Akaka Won’t Seek Reelection in 2012

Maui Innersection 2010

Sen. Dan Akaka announced today he won’t run in 2012, opening up a Senate seat that’s been reportedly coveted by the likes of former Rep. Ed Case and former Gov. Linda Lingle. Here’s Akaka’s announcement.

The Year in Review


Is life like football or is football like life? Let’s see: one involves unnecessary roughness, revolves around money and encourages gambling and excessive drinking—and the other is played on Sunday. Another similarity between life and America’s real pastime (sorry baseball, ratings don’t lie): each is conveniently divided into four quarters. So let’s flip the coin […]

Djou and Case rage against the machine

Rage against the machine… “We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the national Democrats. We have sent a message to the machine.” – Rep.-elect Charles Djou, in a May 22 victory speech at state Republican headquarters “[W]e didn’t lose the war. 61 [percent] of us voted for […]