Here’s a list of Tropical Storm Kilo road and facility closures on Maui


Tropical Storm Kilo may be veering its path away from Hawaii but that doesn’t save Maui from its aftermath: lots and lots of impracticalities. A press release issued earlier today by the County of Maui Public Information Office listed today’s road closures: • Piilani Highway (31) MP 38 – 25 (Kipahulu/Kaupo area):  The road is closed and impassable.  There are numerous […]

UPDATED: County of Maui says fire access is a big problem with new Shops at Wailea paid parking gates


The last few times I’ve driven by the Shops at Wailea, I couldn’t help but notice that the long red and white arms of their new paid parking gates were pointed skyward, allowing (like the old days) just anyone to drive on in and park for no charge. At first I thought it was just a […]

Drew Toonz: Is the Monsanto Monster taking over the County of Maui?


  Illustration: Andrew Miller

Maui County Liquor Commission discusses new dancing law on Wednesday, Aug. 12

Hard Rock Maui Hands That Heal 11-19-2010

Dancing in a club or restaurant on Maui has always been a cozy experience: women in tight tops moving just inches away from guys in knee-length shorts while everyone perspires because the dance floor is, well, tiny. It’s been this way because the Maui County Liquor Commission–the panel of mayoral appointees who meet once a month to […]

Maui County Mayor Arakawa appoints Monsanto lobbyist Carol Reimann to administration


In a move that’s sure to keep the county’s anti-Monsanto/GMO activists buzzing for months (but perfectly illustrates the very tight bonds that connect local government with big business), Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa has appointed Carol Reimann to be the new Housing and Human Concerns Director. Reimann, as you might have known, has spent the […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know the Trans Pacific Partnership protests on Kaanapali Beach?


1. During the July 29 protests on Ka‘anapali Beach against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks, activists claim they broke the world record for unified sounding of a conch shell. About how many people participated, according to activists? A. 300 B. 350 C. 400 D. 450 E. 500 2. On July 31, the County of […]

Keith Regan holding fundraiser at Maui County Corp Counsel Pat Wong’s house


We have more than a year to go before the 2016 elections get here, but County of Maui Managing Director Keith Regan isn’t wasting any time. Regan, who’s running for the Maui County Council seat currently held by Mike Victorino (who’s prevented from running again in 2016 because of term limits), recently filed papers announcing […]

Petition Launched To Save Cute Dog Mural In Kula


Who knew innocent images of dogs and sunflowers might have ulterior motives? Paintings of such are now being treated as illegal advertising for a residence in Kula. Officials with the County of Maui have asked homeowner Lisa Giesick to cover up the mural which runs along her fence, saying that the artwork is just a “sign” […]

The Day The Fire Hydrant Broke In Wailuku Town


In case you were wondering why images of water cascading 80-plus feet into the Wailuku sky were filling your social media timelines this morning, it’s sadly not because the county just installed a Vegas-like water fountain on Market Street. Apparently, this morning a car drove over a fire hydrant in front of the Market Street […]

State Water Commission to vote on Jeffrey Pearson appt. this Wednesday

Jeff Pearson-state-water-commission-courtesy-state-of-hawaii

Jeffrey Pearson, an engineer and water official with the County of Maui, got a big boost to his resume last week when Governor David Ige announced that he’d soon take over as deputy to the chairperson of the state Commission on Water Resource Management as well as chief executive officer to the Commission. “Jeff Pearson […]

Three Information Sessions for immigrants in Maui County coming soon


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the County of Maui’s Immigrant Services Division will be hosting three “Information Sessions” later this week for immigrants. The workshops will cover “employment eligibility, green cards, naturalization, petition for relatives and other issues,” according to a June 22 news release from the county. Here’s the schedule: Thursday, June 25, 2015 […]

Maui County Corporation Counsel Pat Wong loves gambling in Las Vegas. And he wins a lot, too.


In the late 1990s, urban writer and activist Mike Davis described Las Vegas as “hypergrowth without counterpart social spending” and a city built on “slavish dependence on cheap water and energy.” The famous Las Vegas “miracle,” Davis noted, “demonstrates the fanatical persistence of an environmentally and socially bankrupt system of human settlement and confirms Edward […]

Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa calls Councilmembers White, Hokama ‘snollygosters’


While our publication doesn’t usually publish op-ed pieces from local elected officials, we’ll make an exception for the following opinion piece on county budget politics, which was written by Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa and emailed to us and other local news organizations on May 7. It is, as you’ll see, rather pointed–especially towards Maui County Councilmembers […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know rejected Maui Police grant proposals?


1. The 2016 Primary Election is still 16 months away, but last week which Democratic Maui legislator held a $1,000/person fundraiser at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Waikiki? A. Senator J. Kalani English B. Senator Roz Baker C. Speaker Joe Souki D. Representative Justin Woodson E. Representative Lynn DeCoite 2. On Apr. 23, the County of Maui […]

UPDATED: County of Maui ‘surveying’ residents on 3-Can curbside recycling


Looks like the County of Maui has been quietly “surveying” about Maui residents on whether they’d like to see the 3-Can curbside recycling project expanded island-wide. I put “surveying” in quotes because the actual survey (a copy of which I obtained from a resident) more closely resembles crude propaganda than any sincere effort to poll […]

Talking story about sustainable energy with Maui consultant Doug McLeod


Doug McLeod spent four years as Maui County Energy Commissioner. He was a strong advocate on several key energy topics, and has brought critical analysis to many complex issues, including the proposed Oahu-Maui undersea cable. He also procured contracts for renewable energy installations at 23 County of Maui facilities, with cost-savings estimated at $10 million […]