Candidate Linda Lingle!


LINDA LINGLE U.S. Senate • Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri • Pre-politics profession: Newspaper Publisher • Electoral Win/Loss Record: 9/1 • First electoral victory: Maui County Council, 1980 • Supports: Furloughing teachers, Kahului Airport expansion, more tourism, Honolulu rail • Opposes: Hawaii Superferry environmental review, civil unions, more protections for endangered Hawaiian monk seals • Gets […]

Hawaii Lawmakers Are Considering Some Familiar Legislation. Will Any Of It Pass?

Every legislative session is defined more by failure than triumph. Hundreds of bills are introduced each year, and most are snuffed out quietly in committee, killed once they reach the floor or impaled by the Governor’s veto pen. Of course, no legislative death is permanent—there’s always another session to tweak and reintroduce a bill and […]

The Year in Review


Is life like football or is football like life? Let’s see: one involves unnecessary roughness, revolves around money and encourages gambling and excessive drinking—and the other is played on Sunday. Another similarity between life and America’s real pastime (sorry baseball, ratings don’t lie): each is conveniently divided into four quarters. So let’s flip the coin […]

Lingle’s Legacy, According to Lingle…


As she packed her pantsuits and exited the Governor’s mansion this week, former Gov. Lingle launched a new Web site ( Sentimentally titled “Looking Back, And Forward,” the site purports to be a chronicle of Lingle’s eight years in office. Curious, then, that searches for “Hawaii Superferry,” “Furlough Fridays” and “civil unions” yield zero results.

Interview With Hawaii Gubernatorial Candidate Neil Abercrombie

they're on the cover, not playing them

“You locked us out!” says Neil Abercrombie, entering the MauiTime office in a buttoned-down Aloha shirt, hair slightly disheveled, a stack of papers under his arm and two campaign aides on his heels. And it’s true, though in our defense Abercrombie was running late–a product, he says, of an over-long engagement on the West side […]