This Wednesday, Oct. 23: ‘Stripes’ at Ambrosia Martini Lounge

Ambrosia’s Red Carpet Movie Night returns for another week of military humor! This week’s feature is the comedy classic Stripes starring Bill Murray. Unsatisfied with life, two buddies decide to join the army for kicks. Watch the journey of these unlikely heroes. Grab free popcorn and take advantage of the Happy Hour prices until 9pm. […]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST MALE BARTENDER: Dave Bauss/William Sythes #BOM2013

Best Male Bartender [TIE] Dave Bauss / William Sythes Our readers couldn’t decide what male they preferred behind the bar, so here are them both. Bauss has been at Milagro’s in Paia for years, but somehow found the secret to keep from aging (I’m betting tequila has something to do with it). As for Sythes, […]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST BAR: South Shore Tiki Lounge #BOM2013

Best Bar South Shore Tiki Lounge Owner Mikhail Tassi once described his Tiki Lounge to me as the beating heart of the Kihei Kalama Village, and our readers would seem to agree. You can get just about anything from behind this well-stocked bar, but their specialties are true Tiki drinks like the Zombie and Pin […]

This Wednesday, April 10: Wednesday Walkabout Bar Crawl At The Triangle Featuring Ketel One


They only do this once a month, so here’s your shot for April. On this night, five bars in the Triangle (that’s Kihei Kalama Village to those who’ve been on-island less than an hour) will offer drink specials. As usual, the five bars are Ambrosia, Kahale’s, Dog & Duck, Tiki Lounge and Three’s. This month’s […]