We look at the legal firestorm that is Maui Environmental Court’s new cane burning lawsuit


I: The Environmental Court and Judge Joseph Cardoza If you’ve lived on Maui for more than a year, you’ve most likely not only heard the arguments pro and con on cane burning by Hawaii Commercial & Sugar (HC&S), but have also formed your own opinion.  No longer just tinder to ignite public debates over Maui’s […]

South Maui Rep. Kaniela Ing calls for studies on cane burning


News that the organization Stop Cane Burning filed a lawsuit in the state’s new Environmental Court against the state Department of Health over–you guessed it–cane burning has moved at least one legislator to offer some proposals for weaning Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar (HC&S) off of the dirty, archaic method of harvesting sugar. And I wasn’t surprised […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know A&B’s agribusiness operating losses?

1. On Jan. 2, Maui Brewing Company released a new beer called Lorenzini Double IPA. According to the company, the beer is named for a part of a shark’s anatomy. Which part? A. The fin B. The electro sensory organ C. The eyes D. The olfactory sensory organ E. The tail 2. At the end […]

A&B President/COO Christopher Benjamin Becomes Nature Conservancy of Hawaii Board of Trustees Chairman

The Nature Conservancy protects about 119 million acres in 35 nations. For the natural world, this is a big deal. But at the same time, The Nature Conservancy isn’t your average environmental nonprofit organization. Consider it devoted to the practice of “eco-pragmatism”–the view that the changes wrought on nature by humanity and industrialization are here […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s military

1. On Nov. 7, The Maui News reported that Alexander & Baldwin’s agricultural portion posted a $7.3 million operating loss during the third quarter. According to the story, how does the company as a whole project it will look at the end of the year? A. $9 million profit B. $4 million profit C. Break […]

Quizunderstood: What do you know about Chris Pratt?


1. According to the Aug. 11 Maui News, Alexander & Baldwin’s second quarter report shows that the company’s agribusiness division made $400,000 in profits. What did their ag bring in profit-wise during the same quarter last year? A. $506,000 B. $1.8 million C. $3.1 million D. $5.9 million E. $8.3 million   2. Though Neldon […]

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie Kicks And Screams As He Lets Financial Disclosure Bill Become Law


So yesterday Governor Neil Abercrombie announced that he was rescinding his earlier intention to veto SB 2682–which adds to the list of public officials whose Financial Disclosure Statements are considered public documents–and will let the bill become law without his signature (the bill unaminously passed the Legislature). Abercrombie had earlier told Honolulu Civil Beat that the […]

HC&S Launches Community Initiative Fund


Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company recently launched a $100,000 fund to support Maui-based projects and programs. The HC&S Community Initiative will consider overall community benefit, natural resource stewardship and education in deciding how to donate the funds. Federally recognized charities with 501(c)(3) status, as well as other registered non-profit organizations and community-based projects or groups, […]

A&B Announces $1.3 Million In Donations, Somehow Forgets To Mention Campaign Contributions


Leave it to Alexander & Baldwin to tell us what wonderful, charitable souls they are. On Apr. 29, the company sent out a news release saying that from July 2012 (when the company divested itself from Matson Navigation) to the end of 2013, their Kokua Giving Program had donated $1.3 million to various organizations dealing […]

The Nature Conservancy Scores Huge Upcountry Rainforest Donation From East Maui Irrigation Co.

TNC OGG, East Maui, Waikamoi, Aerial

Guess this is just a time of good land preservation news. On Apr. 24, The Nature Conservancy announced that Alexander & Baldwin’s subsidiary East Maui Irrigation Co. had agreed to donate 3,721 acres of undeveloped Upcountry rainforest. “This area has been one of The Nature Conservancy’s highest priorities for more than two decades,” Mark White, […]

After Decade-Long Legal Fight, State Of Hawaii Restores Na Wai ‘Eha Stream Flows


It’s hard to believe, but the legal machinations and lawsuits over the diversion of water from the Iao, Waihee, Waiehu and Waikapu Streams (collectively known as the “Na Wai ‘Eha,” the “Four Great Waters”) has ended. On Apr. 21, the state Commission on Water Resource Management announced that all parties in the fight over the […]

How You Can Help Sierra Club Maui Expand Baldwin Beach Park


In the history of environmentalism, there are few more important names than John Muir. A naturalist and author, he also founded the Sierra Club. Though born in the United Kingdom back in 1838, Muir’s legacy stretches all the way to Maui. This week, to honor his 176th birthday, the Sierra Club’s local chapter will hold […]

Super Special Maui News Quiz!


Time for our weekly MauiTime News Quiz! Did you study? Like that really matters… 1. A few weeks ago, The Maui News reported that Mayor Alan Arakawa’s administration was negotiating with Kehalani and Alexander & Baldwin over where to put a new county service center. Then on Apr. 11, The Maui News reported that a […]

Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa Rakes In Campaign Dough

17.34_coconut_arakawa copy

So candidate filing in Hawaii for the 2014 election officially began on Monday, Feb. 3. For the next few months, we’ll watch a steady stream of citizens announce publicly that they think they know best how to run our county and state governments. And you know what? More power to ‘em–if they want spend an […]

An Open Letter To Maui’s State Legislators Asking Them To Stop Exempting Bad Cops From The State Public Records Law


Dear Senators Roz Baker, J. Kalani English and Gil Keith-Agaran and Representatives Mele Carroll, Kaniela Ing, Angus McKelvey, Joe Souki, Justin Woodson and Kyle Yamashita: Wow, Opening Day comes around fast. Seems like it was only yesterday that you adjourned for the summer. But here we are: on Jan. 15–just a few days from now–you […]

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie Appoints A&B VP Grant Chun To Board of Ed.

Grant Chun

So Governor Neil Abercrombie has decided to replace outgoing Board of Education member Wesley Lo with Grant Chun. In October, Maui Memorial Medical Center CEO Lo resigned from the board eight months before his term ended, citing work constraints. In choosing Chun, vice president of the Alexander & Baldwin Company, as Lo’s replacement, Abercrombie has […]