Friends Of Maui County Council Coup Plotters Deny Coup Was Coup

Here’s a riddle for you: when is a coup not a coup? When friends of the coup plotters say it isn’t! On Nov. 11, The Maui News quoted Gladys Baisa, who had been Maui County Council Chairwoman until the day before, as saying that the circumstances of her removal from power constituted a “coup.” “Of […]

How Do We Save Maui Memorial Medical Center?

It was nearly two hours into the hearing on the future of Maui’s largest and most important hospital before Dr. Peter Galpin was able to roll his wheelchair up to the lectern. Galpin spoke for a couple minutes–one of dozens who’d packed themselves into the Maui Waena Intermediate School cafeteria to testify–but I only wrote […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know Hawaii lawmaker conflicts of interest?

18.21.Quiz photo-courtesy County of Maui_WEB

1. On Nov. 3, The Maui News reported that Craig Hill, owner of Maui Concierge Services, had recently bought the Lahaina Sugar Cane Train, and that he would invest in “extensive renovations.” According to the story, how long did the tourist attraction train operate before it closed on Aug. 1? A. 25 years B. 30 […]

Maui GMO Initiative Aside, County Voters Embrace Status Quo


Given the strong mobilization of voters for the GMO Initiative, you’d expect more of an impact on the rest of the couple dozen local races on the ballot. But no. In fact, no Maui County incumbent lost on election night. The pro-GMO Initiative people even put together a slate of candidates–with the exception of incumbent […]

QuizUnderstood: How Well Do Know Linda Lingle’s Current Employer?


1. According to an Oct. 24 Maui News story, all of the following staffers and assistants to Maui Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa make at least $67,000 a year except one–and that one makes just a little over $49,000 per year. Which one makes the lower salary figure? A. Executive Assistant Mike Molina B. Executive Assistant […]

Don’t Know How To Vote In The Upcoming Election? We Can Help!

Oh, joy, it’s time for another General Election. In Hawaii, this is a special kind of treat. Voters only got to see a new campaign finance report this week, after what seemed like months of candidate and political action committee (PAC) spending and fund-raising without any reporting whatsoever. Voters also have to contend with a […]

Conde Nast Traveler Says Maui Is NO LONGER Top Island In World


After two consecutive decades of getting named Conde Nast Traveler‘s “Top Island In The World,” Maui has dropped to mere third in this year’s rankings. “Hawaii’s second-largest island boasts rugged terrain, volcanic beaches, and the towering Mt. Haleakala,” Conde Nast Traveler said about Maui this year. “It’s the place to be for snorkelers, hikers, and […]

Hunt Development Group To Build 68 ‘Luxury’ Homes In Kihei


The photo above is in jest, but not by much. Just when you thought South Maui had all the “luxury” homes it needed, Hunt Development Group went and broke ground on a few dozen more. On Oct. 6, the company held a groundbreaking and blessing ceremony at the site of their new Nu’u Aina development, which […]

Made In Maui County Festival Increases Vendor Participation

The inaugural Made in Maui County Festival will feature 130 vendors, making it the largest product vendor show in the county. Originally limited to 102 vendors, the Festival—which runs Nov. 7-8–increased the total amount of booth spaces in an effort to accommodate the high demand. Vendor space is now completely sold out and there’s a […]

Here’s A Little Corporate Welfare, County of Maui Style


Looks like the County of Maui may soon spend about a million tax dollars on beer brewing, deep well drilling, patient care software, stem cell research and a new restaurant called “Da Car Wash Cafe.” Back in February, the Maui County Office of Economic Development (OED) started a new experiment of sorts in the world of corporate welfare (as […]