UH Maui College Offers Running Clinic

In the first clinic of its kind, Edventure at UH Maui College will be offering a running clinic offered by Colorado jogging experts Douglas Wisoff and Art Ives. The clinic will be held Oct. 12-14 from Friday to Sunday. For these three days, the rubber hits the road and you will become familiar with phrases like “releasing muscle tension into the ground” and “engaging your fire-band.”

“Our goal with the workshop is to help runners improve their mind/body interplay, sense of relaxation and power of attention to make their movement more graceful and harmonious instead of awkward and inefficient,” says Douglas.

Learning physical exercises that balance your muscles is one aspect of the Radiant Running lessons taught by Wisoff. Ives’ The Way of Running focuses on bio-mechanics and running from the core.
“This is a timely offering since the Hana Relay just occurred and the Maui Marathon is this weekend,” says Marc Antosch, who handles creative design and program promotions for UH Maui College. “They will share a unique kinesthetic approach to fitness running and marathoning that has helped thousands of runners overcome their injury and performance limits.” Positive reinforcement and experiential learning are at the core of their class.

“We are both ‘minimalists’ when it comes to the muscular energy expended while running and the pounding on the body that occurs as a result of unnecessary, constant tension,” says Ives. “Skill can be substituted for force, the smoothness and flow of a dancer abides in every runner.”

Sign up for the clinic by calling 808-984-3231. The deadline is Thursday, Sept. 20