Special MauiTime Photo Caption Contest!

Here’s a photo sent to us just moments ago from U.S. Senator Brian Schatz’s office. The photograph, which was taken by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, shows Schatz with President Barack Obama at an “off-the-record caucus meeting with Senate Democrats” (at least, that’s what the email from Schatz’s office says.

Anyway, there’s something about the photo that’s just crying out for a clever caption, but we’re too busy right now trying to get the paper out the door, which we have to tell you is a crazy, chaotic process that can involve much, much hair-pulling and manic behavior.

And since this technically is a contest, the author of the cleverest, smartest, best caption will get… something. Maybe. Hey, it’s deadline day–cut us some slack, ok?

Photo: Kirsten Gillibrand