Maui News Editorial blasts County Council for doing business in private


Yesterday I told you about a pretty weak front page story in The Maui News. Well, today the paper redeemed itself with a strong editorial blasting the Maui County Council for its addiction to discussing business in secret “executive” session:

“In no case does any Sunshine Law REQUIRE a public body to go into executive session… Unfortunately, our County Council has gotten used to–and is very comfortable with–conducting public business behind closed doors.”

As we’ve reported for years, the Maui County Council really doesn’t like the fact that the state’s Open Meetings Law requires it to meet only under certain conditions–conditions mandated to protect public access to their decision-making. That The Maui News is advocating the same thing is praise-worthy.

Click here for today’s Maui News editorial (subscription required).

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons