Plugs and Slugs

[Plug] To the Boo Boo Zoo (aka East Maui Animal Refuge) in Haiku for providing a safe haven to creatures in need. And a (potential) plug for you, for donating much-needed items to the shelter. A partial wish list: spray bottles, clay cat litter, towels and rugs, plastic furniture, can openers and cutlery, hand tools (hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.) and bird cage feeders. For more info on how to help, visit or call 572-8308.

[Slug] To Party Paradise in the Maui Mall for displaying “Puff Puff” toy cigarettes in its window (right next to a cap gun, no less). We know we can’t shelter our keiki from the cold realities of the adult world forever, and that toy guns are pretty much an essential part of every boy’s collection—but cigarettes? Really? And not hidden in some dusty forgotten bin in the back, but proudly showcased up front. Even Joe Camel is blushing.

[Plug] To Women Helping Women (WHW), for working to end domestic violence and giving aid and comfort to its victims. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and events are being organized all over the state to spotlight this sensitive, pressing issue. One of the predominant themes is the obligation of men, both to acknowledge the problem and work toward a solution. On October 23, WHW will host a “Men’s Responsibility” lecture/workshop at Maui Community College; for more info and to access WHS’s services, visit or call their 24-hour hotline at 579-9581.

[Plug] To musician Derick Sebastian for sharing his gift with the community. The local ukulele virtuoso—who our own Anu Yagi said “is poised for nothing less than Hawaiian music greatness”—recently announced plans to open an independent uke school at the Maui Music Conservatory, located at the Queen Kaahumanu Center in Kahului. A firm date hasn’t been set, but Sebastian says he’s aiming for late October or early November. Visit the Conservatory to sign up, or go to Derick’s Web site: