Maui County Mayor’s Race Dwindles To Five Candidates When Maui PD Arrests Nelson Waikiki

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And then there were five. Last night, Maui Police arrested Maui mayoral candidate Nelson Waikiki moments after the big forum at Seabury Hall in Olinda concluded, states a Maui PD news release just sent out. The news release is pretty thin on why the police took Waikiki into custody, but this story in today’s Maui News states that it was because “he failed to comply with conditions of his release” from prison after “pleading guilty to four felony securities fraud charges connected to an investment scheme involving Opunui Water Co. and Opunui Land and Water Co.”

Though Maui News reporter Lila Fujimoto reported in this story that “No arrest had been made as of 9 p.m.,” a Maui PD news release sent out at 1:30 this afternoon stated that “at about 08:59 p.m., Nelson N. WAIKIKI (49), from Pukalani, was located at 480 Olinda Rd. [Seabury Hall] and placed under arrest for violating his conditions of release on bail.”

The Maui News story also said that Waikiki “was reported missing by a friend last month.” This is odd, because I not only ran into Waikiki at the June 24 court hearing over Neldon Mamuad’s failed attempt to file papers to run for mayor, but quoted him in this story.

Anyway, the MPD news release said bail for Waikiki was set at $100,000, and police didn’t apparently arrest any other mayoral candidates–incumbent Alan Arakawa, Beau Hawkes, Orion Kopelman, Alana Kay and Tamara Paltin.

Nelson Waikiki booking photo: Maui PD



  • Alana Kay

    Not for the faint of heart. Learn about my platform at :)

  • Karen Chun

    OMG – now they tazed and arrested ANOTHER mayoral candidate, Beau Hawkes.

    Dang. Dangerous to run against Mayor Arakawa. One disqualified, One arrested after a debate and now a third tazed and arrested for a driving violation???????