Maui Police Officer Nelson Johnson Reportedly Arrested Again For Assault

Nelson Johnson's booking photo

Nelson Johnson’s booking photo

According to a tiny, byline-less blurb buried on page 4 of today’s Maui News (it’s where newspapers hide all their legitimate scoops) sourced to the vaguely sounding “police records,” Maui PD Officer Nelson Johnson got arrested again–this time on Monday, Dec. 2. The charge? Guess:

“Maui police officer Nelson Johnson has been charged with second-degree assault and two counts of physical abuse for allegedly slapping his daughter, police say,” reported the paper.

That part we know–MPD slapped Johnson in irons back on Nov. 20 for allegedly hitting his teenage daughter so hard she suffered a concussion (Johnson posted $2,000 bail and was placed on administrative leave). Now here’s the new stuff:

“Johnson was recently sought on a warrant, police said after felony charges were filed,” The Maui News reported. “Police arrested Johnson on Monday, and he was later released after posting $5,000 bail, police records show.”

Whoa–Warrant? $5,000 bail?

I contacted David Cain, Johnson’s attorney, but he said he hadn’t heard anything about any second arrest and would check it out.

And for those at home keeping score, Johnson is indeed the same officer who MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo says slapped him for trying to film him during the infamous Dog The Bounty Hunter incident back in April 2011 (click here to read Russo’s account of that incident). A civil case concerning that incident is pending.