Maui County LC Indefinitely Defers Profanity Prosecution of Haui’s Life’s A Beach


Last week I reported that the Maui County Liquor Control Board of Adjudication was preparing to smack-down Haui’s Life’s A Beach in Kihei for permitting “obscene language, songs, or entertainment” in defiance of the county’s liquor rules. The incident, according to the agenda, took place on Feb. 16 of this year at approximately 12:50am. The agenda for the Dec. 5, 2013 hearing listed Life’s A Beach owner Howard Grunes as all set to plead no contest.

But it never happened. According to Grunes, before the hearing the LC told him they were pulling the case from the agenda. Grunes added that he had no idea if the LC would bring it up again, and declined further comment.

Officials at the LC–who admittedly don’t enforce the Liquor Rules profanity provisions very often–were similarly tight-lipped.

“Complaint and Accusation No. 2013-53 against Haui Inc. dba Haui’s Life’s A Beach was deferred by the Liquor Control Adjudication Board pending review by the Department of the Corporation Counsel of a possible legal issue,” LC Deputy Director Traci Fujita Villarosa said today in an email to me. “I do not know if or when it will return to Board’s agenda in the future.”

Photo: Ben Schumin/Wikimedia Commons