A troubling sign

Often, we seek out fodder for this column by attending meetings, chatting with LC officials, collecting tips from venue owners, etc. But occasionally, column fodder falls conveniently—and unexpectedly—into our lap.

Take the evening of Wednesday, July 1. Maui Time reporter, calendar editor and all around scene-maker Kate Bradshaw was enjoying some sustenance and entertainment at Flatbread in Paia when three LC agents entered the establishment.

They headed, as one would expect, to the bar and stuck around for what seemed like 20 minutes; Kate says she couldn’t hear exactly what was being said, but it was clear they weren’t interested in the pizza. Given the duration of the agents’ visit, Kate says, it seemed like a serious violation had taken place and that a bust of some sort was about to occur. Tension was in the air.

When the agents finally left, Kate asked a member of the staff what all the fuss was about. A minor decoy sting, perhaps? Over-serving? An unregistered underage employee?

Nope. Turns out the bar’s “You must be 21 or over…” sign wasn’t being displayed prominently enough. Not that they didn’t have the sign, mind you, just that it needed to be put in a different, more visible spot.

So, to recap: it took three guys nearly a half-hour to say, “Hey, move that sign.”

Might be time for a little efficiency training, among other things. 

– Jacob Shafer

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