Hawaii U.S. Senator Brian Schatz Calls For ‘Emergency Rule’ On Commercial Drones

With commercial drones reportedly buzzing around a few of the nation’s busier airports this past week, U.S. Senator Brian Schatz, D–Hawaii, today called for the Federal Aviation Administration to issue “emergency” rules and regulations governing the use of these remotely piloted aircraft. Here’s the text of Schatz’s letter to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, which Schatz’s office also […]

Who Wants Yet Another Maui GMO Initiative Lawsuit? We Do!

When a hyper-controversial measure like Maui’s GMO Initiative passes by a hair (50.2 percent to 47.9 percent), you can expect immediate litigation. But three lawsuits? Sure, why not. First out of the gate was the suit filed by the SHAKA Movement–the initiative’s backers–against the County of Maui (apparently to secure a seat at the table […]

County Of Maui Wants You To Volunteer For Boards And Commissions

The County of Maui would like you to volunteer to be a member of one of their many boards and commissions. Yes, you. “Positions are appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the County Council and have terms lasting two to five years,” states a Nov. 18 county news release. “While no monetary compensation is provided for […]

UH Researchers Study Tiger Shark Movements Around Maui and Oahu

Despite the minuscule numbers of people killed every year by sharks (and massive numbers of sharks killed by humans each year), there’s something about the creatures that terrifies many visitors to Hawaii. For Hawaii’s native kanaka maoli, this is unfortunate, given that to them sharks are ‘aumakua, the reborn spirits of deceased ancestors who serve now as […]

Hawaii Congressional Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Sponsors Bill To Arm Kurdish Peshmerga ‘Directly’

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard, D–Hawaii, opposed arming Syrian rebels in the war against the terrorist group ISIL (also known as ISIS or the Islamic State), but today she said she’s sponsoring bi-partisan legislation to “directly arm” the Kurdish army–known as the Peshmerga–in Iraq. Here’s how Gabbard put it in a Nov. 20 news release from her […]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know Gene Simmons’ business advice?

1. On Nov. 15, Pacific Business Journal posted 10 brief bits of business advice from Gene Simmons’ new book Me, Inc: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business. Which of the following is NOT from Simmons’ book? A. “Speak English.” B. “In the United States, marketing is […]

NOTW: Brits Behaving Badly, New Math and Celebrity Musicals


THE OTHER WORLD SERIES In October, another premier world sports event reached its climax, with one team left standing, rewarded for months of grueling practices, to the cheers of adoring, frenzied fans. The “world series” of professional team computer games was settled on a stage in a packed, 40,000-seat stadium in Seoul before three gigantic […]

How Jeanne Skog and the Maui Economic Development Board try to bring Maui into balance

Brain drain. She doesn’t actually say the words, but that’s what Jeanne Unemori Skog is talking about. Skog is the president and CEO of the Maui Economic Development Board, which formed in 1982 to grow a technology sector that would help create a diversified economy for Maui County. MEDB has since expanded its programs and […]