Maui Wedding Guide: The Annual MauiTime Wedding Issue

Four Seasons Maui Wedding, Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons

Did someone say put a ring on it? Maui is one of the most romantic places on the planet. Sandy beaches to glorified sunsets, breathtaking vistas to grassy knolls, mother nature did some of her best work here and it just melts our hearts. People from all over the world come to our slice of paradise to have their dream nuptials on Maui. Our annual Maui wedding guide is the ultimate handbook for brides and grooms, outlining this year’s wedding trends, where to get the best deals for your budget, who to hire for your wedding, finding the ultimate location, and tips on having a stress free wedding.

Wedding Guide Flyer

Photo Courtesy of Sean Hower

Cake / Caterer    Cakes By JoAnn Maui    808-572-3778    Haiku

Cake / Caterer    Celebrations Catering    808-572-4946

Cake / Caterer    Daniís Catering & Banquet Facility    808-242-6652    Wailuku

Cake / Caterer    Fedwell Catering    808-572-1240

Cake / Caterer    Ghiselani Wedding Cakes    808-385-0481    Pukalani

Cake / Caterer    Home Maid Bakery    808-244-4150    Wailuku

Cake / Caterer    “Larry Mischle Caterer Extraordinaire, Inc.”    808-281-1913    Kihei

Cake / Caterer    “M and M Concepts, Inc.”    808-870-7773    Kihei

Cake / Caterer    Maui Wedding Cakes    808-874-5932

Cake / Caterer    Stillwell’s Bakery and Cafe    808-243-2243    Wailuku

Cake / Caterer    Three’s Catering    808-879-3133

Cake / Caterer    Triptop Productions & Catering    808-891-2323    Pukalani

Photo Courtesy of Sean Hower

Decor / Floral    A Special Touch    808 661-3455

Decor / Floral    Ali’I Kula Lavender    808-878-3004

Decor / Floral    Asa Flowers    808-249-8845    Wailuku

Decor / Floral    Bella Bloom Floral Boutique    808-875-1919    Wailea

Decor / Floral    Binky’s    808-276-7474

Decor / Floral    Dellables    808-344-1811    Paia

Decor / Floral    Flowers by Melissa    808-878-3903    Kula

Decor / Floral    Hana Herbs & Flowers    808-248-7407    Hana

Decor / Floral    808-248-8386

Decor / Floral    Ice Sculptures By Darren Ho    808-875-6383    Kihei

Decor / Floral    Indigo    808-579-9199    Paia

Decor / Floral    Island Paperie    808-244-1166    Wailuku

Decor / Floral    Kahului Florist    808-877-3951

Decor / Floral    Kihei-Wailea Flowers by Cora    808-879-7249    Kihei

Decor / Floral    La Fleur Plumeria    808-879-8689    Kihei

Decor / Floral    “Maui Blooms, Inc.”    808-874-0875    Kihei

Decor / Floral    “Maui Wholesale Flowers Exchange, LLC”    808-878-3888    Kula

Decor / Floral    Paper Garden    808-871-5541    Kahului

Limousine Services    Arthur’s Limousine Service    808-871-5555    Kahului

Limousine Services    Carey Hawaii Limousine    808-572-3400    Haiku

Photo Courtesy of Sean Hower

Ministers    Aloha Nohea Weddings    808-874-6011    Kihei

Ministers    Inlight Productions    808-283-0539    Kihei

Ministers    Joseph R. Narrowe    808-986-0511    Puunene

Ministers    Judicial Services Hawaii    808-250-7654    Pukalani

Ministers    Pastor Andy Green    808-214-6689

Ministers    Rev. Kamuela  808-757-1115

Ministers    Rev. Keith Pagan

Ministers    Reverend Al (Alapaki) Terry    808-879-7149    Kihei

Ministers    Reverend Vera Poole    808-573-8603    Makawao

Photographer / Videographer     Bridal Boudoir Photography    808-298-6826    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    A Beloved Wedding    808-214-0097    Paia

Photographer / Videographer    Aihara Visuals    808-268-9554    Pukalani

Photographer / Videographer    Alex Ignath Photograhy    808-283-4831    Lahaina

Photographer / Videographer    Aloha Moment    808-667-2271    Lahaina

Photographer / Videographer    Amity Mason Photography    808-281-4662    Wailea

Photographer / Videographer    Black Rock Photography    808-891-2000    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Capturing Moments    808-878-2149    Kula

Photographer / Videographer    Digital Audio Vision    808-281-5587

Photographer / Videographer    Dmitri Offergeld Photography    808-276-8568    Lahaina

Photographer / Videographer    Etan Krupnick    808-357-7962    Haiku

Photographer / Videographer    “Fitzgerald Productions, LLC”    808-542-0583    Honolulu

Photographer / Videographer    Francois Laborde Photography    808-283-6449    Lahaina

Photographer / Videographer    Hawaii Video Memories    808-871-5788    Kahului

Photographer / Videographer    Hawaiian Island Prints    808-667-7979    Lahaina

Photographer / Videographer    Island Girl Pinups    323-350-7420   Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Joanna Tano Photography    808-280-5230    Makawao

Photographer / Videographer    “Joe D’Alessandro Photography, Inc.”    808-242-1100    Wailuku

Photographer / Videographer    Justin Orr Photography    808-205-7375    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Lighthaus Camera    808-326-7355    Kailua-Kona

Photographer / Videographer    Live Maui Webcasts    808-270-3027    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Lizada Photography    808-874-6102    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Mary Sloan Photography    808-283-6374    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Maui Island Video    808-573-2336    Makawao

Photographer / Videographer    “Maui Photography, Inc.”    808-879-0260    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Maui Wedding Medias    808-250-1788

Photographer / Videographer    Mike Sidney Photographer    808-249-2808    Wailuku

Photographer / Videographer    Nancy Phelps Photography    808-661-3872    Lahaina

Photographer / Videographer    Natalie Brown Photography    808-344-3843    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    “Pacific Rim Publishing Group, Inc.”    808-242-6835    Wailuku

Photographer / Videographer    Photographers Hawaii    808-875-9503    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Photography by Irvin    808-242-9447    Wailuku

Photographer / Videographer    Photography by Uilani Friedman    808-283-4736    Puunene

Photographer / Videographer    Pohaku Productions    808-760-2344    Kula

Photographer / Videographer    Sean Hower    808-250-1788

Photographer / Videographer    Steve Slater Photography    808-283-7800    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    Sun Maui Photography    808-891-1594

Photographer / Videographer    Tad Craig Photography    808-579-9571    Paia

Photographer / Videographer    Tamiz Photography    808-269-7381   Pukalani

Photographer / Videographer    Terry Rowe Enterprises    808-874-5074    Kihei

Photographer / Videographer    “Wedding Photographers Hawaii, LLC”    866-766-9794    Haleiwa

Photographer / Videographer    Yolanda Pelayo    808-281-3435    Haiku

Pre-Marital Councilling    Aloha Marital Health & Happiness    808-891-0952    Pahoa

Rings    Anew Tattoo    808-205-6460

Rings    “AOA Diamonds, Inc.”    808-877-6791    Kahului

Rings    JS Kuge & Sons    808-244-4961    Wailuku

Rings    West Maui Engraving    808-661-7035    Lahaina

Travel / Lodging    AA Oceanfront Condominium Rentals    808-879-7288    Kihei

Travel / Lodging    Aloha Destinations/McCoy Travel & Cruise Ctr    808-893-0388    Kahului

Travel / Lodging    Condominium Rentals Hawaii    808-879-2778    Kihei

Travel / Lodging    “Hale Mauka Makai, LLC”    808-575-9610    Haiku

Travel / Lodging    Hawaii Travel 4 U    808-575-9444    Haiku

Travel / Lodging    Lahaina Inn    808-661-8040    Lahaina

Travel / Lodging    “Mahana Maui, LLC”    808-280-3327    Paia

Travel / Lodging    Maui Condominium & Home Realty Inc.    808-879-5445    Kihei

Travel / Lodging    Maui Rents    808-877-5827    Kahului

Travel / Lodging    Maui Tradewinds Vacation Rentals    808-573-0066    Haiku

Travel / Lodging    Paia Inn    808-579-6000    Paia

Travel / Lodging    Palms Travel Service    808-891-2873    Kahului

Travel / Lodging    The Maui Butterfly Farm    808-280-0506    Paia

Venue    Bailey House Museum    808-244-3326

Venue    Four Seasons Resorts    808-874-2911    Wailea

Venue    Hope Chapel    808-879-3853    Kihei

Venue    Hotel Hana Maui & Honua Spa    808-270-3286    Hana

Venue    Hyatt Regency Maui Resort    808-667-4719    Lahaina

Venue    Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa    808-667-4725    Lahaina

Venue    Ka Hale Olinda    808-573-2612    Makawao

Venue    Kaanapali Beach Hotel    808-661-0165    Lahaina

Venue    Kahili Golf Course    808-243-1018    Wailuku

Venue    Kealii Nui Botanical Gardens-Spirit of Aloha Temple    808-572-4100    Haiku

Venue    King Kamehameha Golf Club    808-249-0033

Venue    Kingís Cathedral    808-871-7311    Kahului

Venue    Makena Beach and Golf Resort    808-535-9099–    Kihei

Venue    Maui Beach Hotel    808-872-9301    Kahului

Venue    Maui Tropical Plantation    808-244-7643    Wailuku

Venue    Paia’s Garden    808-280-6166    Kula

Venue    Royal Lahaina     808-667-5456    Lahaina

Venue    Sheraton Maui    Lahaina

Venue    The Fairmont Kea Lani    808-875-2223    Wailea

Venue    Westin Maui Resort and Spa    808-667-2525    Lahaina

Wedding Activity    Air Maui    808-877-7005    Kahului

Wedding Activity    Akina Aloha Tours    808-879-2828    Kihei

Wedding Activity    Aloha Tours & Transportation    808-757-3004    Makawao

Wedding Activity    Body In Balance/The Pole Room    808-283-2606    Lahaina

Wedding Activity    Island Star Sailing Excursions    808-669-7827    Lahaina

Wedding Activity    Ooh La La    808-385-2116

Wedding Activity    “Queen of Fun, Inc.”    808-873-0627    Kahului

Wedding Activity    Tera Lani    808-870-3896    

Wedding Activity    Trilogy Excursions    808-661-4743    Lahaina

Photo Courtesy of Sean Hower

Wedding Attire    Betsey Johnson    808-949-3500    New York

Wedding Attire    Biasa Rose Boutique    808-579-8602    Paia

Wedding Attire    Bohemia Boutique    808-244-9995    Wailuku

Wedding Attire    Elise Clothing Company    808-893-5473    Kahului

Wedding Attire    Elly’s Formal Wear    808-879-7010    Kihei

Wedding Attire    Enchantress    808-891-6360    Wailea

Wedding Attire    Hawaiian Wedding Shop    808-833-9900    Waipahu

Wedding Attire    Him    808-669-2529    Lahaina

Wedding Attire    Hula Gypsy    808-280-9914    Lahaina

Wedding Attire    If The Shoe Fits    808-249-9710    Wailuku

Wedding Attire    Lahaina Lingerie    808-661-3117    Lahaina

Wedding Attire    L’Amour Bridal Boutique    808-214-1955    Kahului

Wedding Attire    Love Shack    808-875-0303    Kihei

Wedding Attire    Mahina Clothing Co.    808-579-9008    Paia

Wedding Attire    Maui Wear    808-879-2274

Wedding Attire    My Sister’s Closet    808-495-0243

Wedding Attire    Nuage Bleu Maui    808-579-9792    Paia

Wedding Attire    Phil’s Tux Shops    808-893-0205    Honolulu

Wedding Attire    Pink By Nature    808-572-9576    Makawao

Wedding Attire    “Queen’s Bridal, LLC”    808-871-4011    Kahului

Wedding Attire    Serendipity Maui    808-877-0101    Austin

Wedding Attire    Shoe Fetish    808-205-8147    Lahaina

Wedding Attire    Sisters & Co.    808-875-9888    Kihei

Wedding Attire    Sumthing    808-344-4668    Kahului

Wedding Attire    Tamara Catz    808-579-9184    Paia

Wedding Attire    The Mercantile    808-572-1407    Makawao

Wedding Attire    The Perfect Fit    808-269-0525

Wedding Attire    Tommy Bahama    808-879-7828    Kihei

Photo Courtesy of Sean Hower

Wedding Beauty    Amazing Skin and Spa Care    808-573-7786    Haiku

Wedding Beauty    Beauty Bar    808-986-8010    Wailuku

Wedding Beauty    Beauty by Trisha    808-281-8861

Wedding Beauty    Colours Salon    808-871-1002    Kahului

Wedding Beauty    Deja Vu Salon    808-661-9790    Lahaina

Wedding Beauty    Dr. Bennett’s Med Spa    808-268-2983    Paia

Wedding Beauty    Enderbodies    808-357-3303    Wailuku

Wedding Beauty    Evolution Salon    808-873-8833    Kahului

Wedding Beauty    Fast Kine Tanning    808-874-8266    Kihei

Wedding Beauty    Fierce Salon & Day Spa    808-357-2428    Wailuku

Wedding Beauty    For Shear Salon    808-667-2866    Lahaina

Wedding Beauty    Green Ti    808-242-8788    Wailuku

Wedding Beauty    Hairbenders of Paia    808-579-9452    Paia

Wedding Beauty    Hale Hoomana Spa Retreat    808-573-8256   

Wedding Beauty    Head to Toe Salon & Spa    808-669-5441    Lahaina

Wedding Beauty    Iao Acupuncture & Spa    808-249-8280    Wailuku

Wedding Beauty    International Skin Center Hawaii    808-873-6565    Kahului

Wedding Beauty    Island Body Bar & Boutique    808-    Paia

Wedding Beauty    Julie Kasder (Henna Tattoo)

Wedding Beauty    Juvenal & Co. Hair Salon    808-879-4247    Kihei

Wedding Beauty    Kapalua Bay Hotel Salon    808-669-8294

Wedding Beauty    Kino Nani Salon    808-573-6700    Makawao

Wedding Beauty    La Haina Beauty Salon    808-661-8244    Lahaina

Wedding Beauty    Lei Spa    808-661-1178    Lahaina

Wedding Beauty    Lilikoi Passionate Beauty    808-579-6055    Paia

Wedding Beauty    Lovely Nail Salon    808-212-3341    Kihei

Wedding Beauty    Makawao Hair Saloon    808-573-8800    Makawao

Wedding Beauty    Mandara Spa – Maui WMR    808-891-8774    Wailea

Wedding Beauty    Maui Day Spa and Salon    808-298-9350    Kula

Wedding Beauty    Maui Hair and Body    808-877-1500    Kahului

Wedding Beauty    Natural Nails by Mimi    808-280-1730    Lanai

Wedding Beauty    On Location Styling    808-276-5750    Paia

Wedding Beauty    Paragon Salon    808-573-1300    Makawao

Wedding Beauty    Paul Brown Kahului    808-591-1881    Honolulu

Wedding Beauty    Plush Beauty Lounge    808-269-0869    Lahaina

Wedding Beauty    Reiki Maui    808-280-7704    Kihei

Wedding Beauty    Salon Maikai    808-205-9772    Lahaina

Wedding Beauty    Solange Tanning Salon    808-572-4663    Makawao

Wedding Beauty    Spa Helani    808-662-2645    Lahaina

Wedding Beauty    Susie’s Tips ‘n Toes    808-249-8812    Wailuku

Wedding Beauty    The Salon Des Arts    808-572-6688    Makawao

Wedding Beauty    Trudy’s Fountain of Youth    808-875-2065    Kihei

Wedding Beauty    Van Beauty Salon    808-873-0950    Kahului

Wedding Coordinators    A Beautiful Hawaii Wedding    808-667-4663    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    “A Dream Wedding: Maui Style, LLC”    808-661-1777    Kula

Wedding Coordinators    “A Happy Maui Wedding, LLC”    808-667-7007    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    A Maui Wedding Day    808-280-0611    “”    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    A Merry Maui Wedding    808-875-7777    Pukalani

Wedding Coordinators    A Perfect Paradise Wedding    808-879-3286    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    A Royal Hawaiian Affair    808-250-1463    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    A Simply Elegant Wedding    808-874-7447

Wedding Coordinators    A White Orchid Wedding    808-242-8697    Wailuku

Wedding Coordinators    ‘A’Ala Beautiful Hawaii Weddings & Vow Renewals    808-893-0388    Kahului

Wedding Coordinators    “Akia Wedding and Events, LLC”    808-870-5525    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    All Ways Maui’d Weddings & Ceremonies    808-244-1167    Puunene

Wedding Coordinators    Aloha Style Maui Weddings    808-357-0780    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Ancient Hawaiian Weddings    808-875-4897    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Anointed Weddings on Maui    808-665-0251    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    Apoalewa Wedding Agency    1-888-780-5957    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Blue Ocean Weddings    808-879-6925    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    “Dolphin Dream Weddings, LLC”    808-669-8787    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    “Enchanted Weddings of Maui, Inc.”    808-250-5825    Puunene

Wedding Coordinators    Event Masters    808-986-0391    Wailuku

Wedding Coordinators    First Class Weddings    808-891-4663    Makena

Wedding Coordinators    Hawaii Wedding    808-891-1208    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Hawaiian Ceremonies    808-891-2582    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    “Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners, LLC”    805-279-8474    Newbury Park

Wedding Coordinators    “Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc.”    808-875-0350    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Hawaiian Romance Weddings    808-874-8675    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    I Do Weddings    808-575-5246    Haiku

Wedding Coordinators    “Island Sunset Weddings, LLC”    808-891-0805    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Kuhina Hawaiian Weddings & Blessings    808-879-1499    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Makena Weddings    808-879-7149    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Marry Me Maui    808-242-1100    Wailuku

Wedding Coordinators    “Maui Me, Inc.”    808-298-9575    Haiku

Wedding Coordinators    Maui Wedding Planners-Spirit of Aloha Temple    808-572-4100    Haiku

Wedding Coordinators    Maui Weddings From the Heart    808-572-8766    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Maui’d Forever    808-268-8339    Kihei

Wedding Coordinators    Now And Forever Maui Weddings    808-871-1777    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    Paradise Events & DePreciousMauiWeddings.comsign    808-214-5192    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    Precious Maui Weddings    (808) 573-6686    Pukalani

Wedding Coordinators    The Perfect Wedding    808-250-1624    Lahaina

Wedding Coordinators    “Tropical Maui Weddings, LLC”    808-875-6700    Kahului

Wedding Coordinators    Your Aloha Wedding Company    808-283-3022    Pukalani

Wedding Singer    Boomshot    808-281-0292    Wailuku

Wedding Singer    Cambria Moss    808-874-5806    Kihei

Wedding Singer    Crazyfingers    808-573-3124    Haiku

Wedding Singer    Next Level Weddings    808-357-1157 Wailuku

Wedding Singer    Geoffrey C. Naylor    808-280-1829    Haiku

Wedding Singer    Ginny Morgan Harpist    808-879-4453    Kihei

Wedding Singer    Irene C. Ryding    808-573-2188    Haiku

Wedding Singer    Joel Katz    808-242-2732

Wedding Singer    Love N Light    808-220-4134    Honolulu

Wedding Singer    Media Systems Inc.    808-856-8207    Lahaina

Wedding Singer    Ronald E. Carvalho    808-244-3833    Wailuku

Wedding Singer    Sound Wave Recording    808-874-5175    Kihei

Wedding Singer    Vance Koenig-Classical Guitarist    808-573-3935    Kula

Covered Affiars Maui    808-283-6789    Lahaina

Gerard Company    808-878-8553    Makawao

“Trade Publishing Co., Ltd.”    808-848-0711    Honolulu

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