Brigit & Bernard’s Garden Cafe

Brigit and Bernard’s offers German comfort food at it’s finest–spatzel, red cabbage and potato’s to the max. Start your meal with the shrimp dijon – breaded and deep-fried shrimp with a tasty hone, dijon-mustard, chili dip. Move forward with one of their garden gourmet meals like the pepper steak or chicken marsala. Pasta dishes are available in children’s sizes for 2/3 the price while salads come in small and large. Their special burgers are served on a whole-wheat bun and served with coleslaw and mac salad. They also have an extensive selection of beverages ranging from beer, wine, & spirits to homemade tropical iced tea, perrier and san pelegrino water, and cappuccinos and espressos. Check them out for some ono food in a relaxing atmosphere.