Places to eat mid-bender

1881 South Kihei Rd., Kihei
Oh, Sansei. When my broken foot heals I will again ascend your karaoke stage for my signature performance of “Midnight Special.” Then maybe I’ll do some Stevie Nicks. See how I’m feeling. This place has half-price appetizers and sushi 10pm to 1am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. People often arrive early and line up to get in on the deal. I recommend this. My favorite is the roasted Japanese eggplant, which is brutally tasty. 

120 Hana Hwy, Paia
Avocado rolls may be one of the most nourishing foods on the planet. Or, at least they seem like it on rare occasions when a Friday pau hana session entails a week’s allotment of cosmopolitans. The sushi bar here isdefinitely the place to go if one desires to further commemorate the close of a work week using nori rolls and saki. 

Kahuna Kabobs
126 Lahainaluna Rd., Lahaina
Before I delve into describing the food, I must note the following: they’re cash-only. I say this because it’s no fun salivating over the astonishing amount of delicious menu items, deciding on one, ordering, then having to walk a few blocks looking for an ATM, especially if you’re wearing platforms. Cuisines across the globe inspired the many dishes at this deceptively small stand: Asian, Middle Eastern, barbeque, etc. I, of course, dig the tofu kebabs, but this place is by no means an herbivore-only type deal. 

South Shore Tiki Lounge
1913 South Kihei Rd., Kihei
I’ve mentioned this place a few times in this space, usually because of their booze. But my admiration extends beyond the Lounge’s ability to get me toasted, the oxygen bar, or even the kama‘aina deals. You see, they have vegan chilidogs. And, like, nine different types of ketchup. This is one of a few establishments where I’ve actually been able sit at the bar and order food I, given my dietary restrictions, can eat.

A common occurrence: you and your friends require food stat. But every proximal food-serving establishment has drawn its shutters for the evening. So you wander into the nearest building that seems to have food, then spend an hour circumnavigating the place because you can’t decide between chips and hummus and a burrito with an illegible label. You head home for the unnecessary beer, the one you crack after a night of partying and sip once before passing out. MTW