Tutti Frutti

On Maui, frozen treat season never ends. That said, we’re currently in the thick of those especially blistering summer months, when a mouthful of sweet, frigid goodness is a particularly welcome respite.

Nowhere is that more true than sticky, sweltering Kihei. Perhaps not coincidentally, back in late May, Kihei got itself a new frozen yogurt shop.

Tutti Frutti’s South Maui outpost (there’s another one in Kahului and they also have locations on Oahu, the Big Island, the Mainland and various points internationally) is housed in the cluster of shops by the Kukui Mall. The décor is minimal and seating is limited; it’s pretty much all about the yogurt.

So, here’s the deal: you grab a cup and proceed around the self-serve stations, first choosing a flavor (or flavors) of yogurt, then adding toppings—fruit, berries, nuts, crumbled cookies, the works. Once completed, your melting masterpiece is weighed at the register to determine the price. All ingredients are created equal, so an ounce of blueberries is equal to an ounce of chocolate sprinkles is equal to an ounce of almonds, etc.

Yogurt flavors run the gamut from mandatory (strawberry, raspberry, mango) to outside-the-box (melon, green tea, taro). All are light and slightly watery with a distinct tang—refreshing and flavorful but devoid of the heaviness and dry mouth associated with ice cream.

Not to say ice cream doesn’t have its place, just like shave ice, smoothies and all the other heat-beating options. But, for something a little different, add Tutti Frutti to your summertime rotation. Maui Time Weekly