Talking Coffee Shop with Wailuku Coffee Company’s Megan Childers

Talking Coffee Shop with Wailuku Coffee Company’s Megan Childers


When Cafe Marc Aurel closed the terror was palpable in the editorial office of Maui Time, where we survive on coffee. Luckily we were only out of a coffee options for about a month before Megan Childers and her partners, Jackie Goring opened Wailuku Coffee Shop in the location on 26 N. Market Street. Megan Childers is no newcomer to the coffee house culture and concept opening her first cafe in Washington as a drive through when she was 17.

@JenRusso: How do you make the perfect espresso?

Megan Childers: It starts with fresh beans, and we have a special grinder that works the beans into a fine ground without bean shock. Tamp the grind into the portafilter and you have to have 220 degree water to make the perfect espresso. The perfect espresso has 5 millimeters of crema, and takes about 18 to 22 seconds to pour.

JR: Ummm, bean shock?

MC: Yeah, you have to be careful with the grinding process. Ordinary grinders can heat up the beans with friction as they break down the beans into the ground product. The heat changes the flavor of the coffee, and not in a good way.

JR: Where do you get your coffee?

MC: Maui Oma Coffee Roasting Co. They get green coffee beans from all over the world and they roast them here.

JR: Do you have Maui or Hawaii coffee for sale?

MC: Not now, but we are planning to have some Maui and Kauai coffee in the future. We plan to harvest our own fields in Kipahulu of “Kanaka Kope” this year too. These plants have been growing on my fiance’s family land since the 1800’s. Its a huge undertaking. It takes 13 pounds of coffee cherry to make one pound of coffee. We anticipate getting about 4 pounds from these trees. And we will be harvesting ourselves, once a week for six weeks.

JR: Wow, that is going to be incredible. I want to taste that coffee. What is the worst cup of coffee you have had?

MC: Kopi Luwak. Marc Aurel had a bag of it and made me a cup. Its really gourmet expensive stuff where the luwak eats the coffee cherry and poops out the bean that is roasted.

JR: What is the most popular coffee at Wailuku Coffee Company?

MC: French Roast. People love it, they are very comfortable with the french roast, and ours is really good. With the French Roast its a longer darker roast. Most people don’t know that the darker roasts have less caffeine because the beans have been roasted longer. The closer to raw the bean is the more the caffeine. The lighter roasts are stronger. Its confusing.

JR: Your iced toddy coffee is incredible, its my favorite. What is the secret?

MC: Toddy is the way you brew it. Its a cold water extraction. We put 5 pounds of grinded coffee in a filtering bag and put in a vat of water for 24 hours. From this we have a concentrate that is diluted in pitchers. You can actually buy the Toddy concentrate for $14 a pitcher here and keep it in your fridge. It should last you about a month. The cold water process makes coffee with no bitterness, no acidity, its easy on sensitive stomachs. You can also order a hot toddy, and we will heat that cold process coffee up for you.

JR: What is the best thing to eat with a cup of coffee?

MC: You can’t beat a fresh baked croissant. I remember the first time I gave my fiance a coffee with his muffin, and he was never a coffee drinker, but he said this is so good! That is the way pastries were meant to be eaten, with coffee.

JR: You just rolled out a new menu. What is the good stuff?

MC: Build your own breakfast sandwich starts with egg, cheddar and tomato, your choice of bacon, ham or turkey, and you can put it on croissant, bread or bagel for $5. At lunch we have this soup in a fresh baked bread bowl that is ridiculously good for $6.50. It takes a little longer because we literally bake the bread after you order it. We considered pre-baking the bread before lunch but we decided not to compromise here, its worth the wait. Right now we are serving clam chowder or minestrone in it.

JR: I have heard of foam art, what exactly is that?

MC: Milk foam is created with steam. I can hear it whizzing around in the milk and I know I have got good foam. You have to be careful with nonfat and soy, those make more foam then whole milk. When you order a cappucino its 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, and 1/3 foam. You can order it dry, that is less milk, or wet, that is less foam. You can make designs with the foam, its called latte art. I practice my latte art every day.

JR: What makes your coffee shop unique?

MC: Well, besides being the only coffee shop in Wailuku, we are just trying to be a great coffee destination. We want to cater to both sides of the coffee drinker, those that need to get something quick and and those that want to just hang out and leisurely enjoy their coffee. I pride myself on being friendly to everyone who walks through that door, whether I see you everyday or if this is your first time here. We want to provide “excellent service, delicious, healthy and affordable food, and the best espresso on the earth.

Wailuku Coffee Co

26 N. Market Street

Wailuku, HI 96793


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  • Britneykidd

    This was the first place I went went the morning after I arrived in Maui. Its fantastic. People are great there and the coffee and pastries are delish. love it.

  • sassypants


    • Jen Russo

      Megan rocks. Love her! She serves up my coffee every morning. Like a caffiene angel.

  • Alicia E.

    i love your flower in the coffee.. or your “latte art” beautiful megan..

    • Jen Russo

      The latte art is very cool, and the coffee is awesome too.

  • Mr Phunn

    My experiance with Megan's supreme and concerning talents is no matter what she endevors it always is of the highest quality in mind. Everything she touches turns to gold…..nobody should miss experiancing this fine coffee atmosphere and joyful personalized service. It in itself is a little bit of Heaven on Earth……You will feel it's spirit and come back for more. Ummm…GRAMPS

    • Jen Russo

      Thank you for that Mr. Phunn!