Stella’s Tofu Scramble Returns! To Diamond’s Ice Bar!

Diamonds Ice Bar and Grill Breakfast by MauiTime

I always thought Diamond’s Ice Bar in Kihei would make a stellar place for breakfast. It has air conditioning, one of my requirements for drinking copious amounts of coffee in the morning. It also has a damn good Bloody and splits of champagne that give way to mimosas. All it needed was chefs and menus. So when manager Randi Schneider gave me the heads up that they’d just hired a few of old Stella Blues’ morning cooks, and were serving a few things off of their breakfast menu, the first thoughts that came to me were, “Yes! We can still have tofu scramble!”

Diamond’s serves breakfast 8-11am and there are a select few items on the menu, but they cover all the bases. Foremost is the tofu scramble: a big vegetarian breakfast platter with sautéed tofu, spinach, broccoli and mushrooms with fried potatoes and a side of toast. The only difference is that it’s $8 now. A friend of mine said it was just like the dish she knew and loved at Stella Blues.

Diamonds Ice Bar and Grill Breakfast by MauiTime

They also have Eggs Benedict. It has two perfectly poached eggs on Canadian bacon, and tender English muffins smothered in luscious hollandaise with a side of potatoes for $9. It disappeared before my eyes. For the classic eggs and meat combination, they have the All American breakfast: two eggs scrambled or fried with bacon or sausage, house potatoes and toast. Their house potatoes are really irresistible little chunks of crisp fried spuds, perfect for dredging breakfast gravies or dipping generously in ketchup.

Diamonds Ice Bar and Grill Breakfast by MauiTime

Their loco moco is broke-da-mouth hamburger patty with rice and gravy, and two eggs on top for just $8. Got a sweet tooth in the morning? Then try their thick cut cinnamon bread French toast–six slices to an order. It tastes like cinnamon rolls.

They also didn’t miss the bagel and lox breakfast, which was another of my favorite dishes from Stella’s menu. It’s an open-faced bagel that’s trimmed with plenty of cream cheese and lox and garnished with capers and red onion. Served with house potatoes, it’s $8.

Giant bottomless cups of coffee completed my breakfast but if you’re in the mood for a Bloody Mary you won’t be disappointed by their Absolute Ultimate Bloody. Their mimosas are solid, too.

Of course, Diamonds still offers their great daily specials, lunch and dinner, live music line up and happy hour.

1279 S Kihei Rd.



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